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Repealing Obamacare: Trump’s Most Recent Failure

The American Senate has once again voted on the future of Obamacare: with a majority of 51 to 49, they rejected the partial repeal the Republican party has been pushing for the last seven years. Their “solution” for Obamacare, dubbed the “skinny repeal”, would’ve scaled back some of the more controversial provisions such as the requirement for individuals to have a health insurance or face a fine. However, some naysayers of the repeal such as


Michelle Obama: Iconic, Inspirational, Impactful

First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the most popular pop culture icons in modern society. Even while her husband’s approval rating by the American public has fluctuated, Michelle’s has stayed surprisingly high, at 79% in 2009 at the start of her husband’s presidency and currently at 68% as the Obama family leaves the White House. As today, Jan. 17, is her birthday, I compiled a list of some of her best – and my


Representation For Black Women Sucks

I look to the world as a young black woman to pursue careers in male-dominated industries such as medicine and law, but with a lack of representation in those fields, you begin to wonder if I can do it. This isn’t an article of listing all those barriers but rather show that in the world, there is a lack of representation for people of colour particularly black women to look up to and that problem


Four Reasons Why Michelle Obama Needs to Run for President in 2020

  1. She is the most educated First Lady to ever hold office. In high school, Obama was a member of the National Honor Society, which recognises outstanding students for their achievements and leadership. After graduating she attended Princeton University, where she created a reading programme for the children of the school’s manual labourers. In 1985 she graduated cum laude in sociology with a minor in African-American studies. Obama then went to Harvard Law School,

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There’s Nothing More American Than Stealing From Black People

If you think the fact that Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States excludes her from the trials and tribulations of the typical black American, think again. Last night at the Republican National Convention, Mrs. Melania Trump gave a speech that sounded eerily similar to Mrs. Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. And I mean, eerily similar. With an amount of plagiarism that would get a college student expelled,

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