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How A Society That Roots For White Male Underdogs Created Incel Subculture

Hell hath no fury like a single cis-het white man scorned. The Context One of the more dangerous trends to arise in recent years is characterized by the public sympathizing with and analyzing evil, sociopathic men. Specifically, ones that have targeted women. This is made evident by television’s overwhelming coverage of serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, as well as Star Wars fans’ affinity for Kylo Ren that extends past just liking him “as


At Catholic Schools, Sex Ed Turns Into Shaming Young Girls

In my opinion, sex-ed is one of the most useful things which should be taught in school since kids reach puberty, and even earlier. But bad sexual education is worse than not receiving it at all; it indoctrinates young people with false, dangerous information that can have disastrous consequences. I had the misfortune of being taught sexual education in a workshop at the Catholic school I attended: it was two days filled with sexism, slut-shaming,


Cornell Fraternity Put On Probation Over “Pig Roast” Contest Targeting Overweight Women

Cornell’s Zeta Beta Tau fraternity has been put on a two-year probation for a contest where pledges earned points for having sex with overweight women. The contest was called a “pig roast”, and if there was a tie, the winner was whoever had slept with the heaviest woman. The women were not informed about the game. According to the university report, the challenge took place in 2017, but it is unclear how long the contest


Former Miss America Contestants Call For Total Replacement of Board Members Following CEO Email Leak

December was a month full of change in the Miss America organization. Following the leak of a stream of emails from Miss America CEO Sam Haskell which contained a multitude of personal attacks toward former contestants and winners, there was an uproar calling for his resignation. In these emails, Haskell, along with Miss America telecast lead writer Lewis Friedman, seemed to favor poking fun at 2013 winner Mallory Hagan. In one, which Haskell had forwarded


Attacking Far-Right Praxis: A Crash Course on Antifa

Black bandanas. Black hoodies. Black ski masks, clear chemical safety goggles. Black gloves. Black power. Brown berets. Through a history of radical leftism, Antifa, or anti-fascist activism, takes direct action in order to combat oppressive structures. In order to understand Antifa, you need to understand fascism: extreme right-wing nationalist ideologies rooted in Italian dictatorship over communities of marginalized people created during the era of genocidal, supremacist leader Benito Mussolini. Fascism directly promotes imperialism, traditionalism, totalitarianism,


Internalized Misogyny Within the Music Industry

It’s no secret that most women in music, especially pop-stars, have embraced the concept of sex appeal within their music. From award shows to music videos, sex is everywhere. Feminism throughout history is mostly to blame, as women are becoming more and more comfortable with telling people to “let women do what they want”. Women’s bodies, believe it or not, actually belong to themselves! Crazy concept right? So why is it that women, especially music artists,


The Truth Behind the Phrase ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

I was five years old when I first heard the phrase “boys will be boys”. I had been playing in the field near my school’s playground when a boy in my class ran up to me and pulled on one of the pigtails in my hair. When I ran over to the recess monitor and through tears told her what happened, I was told that “boys will be boys”.  As a five year old I


The Recipe for a Future Without Gender Roles

Internalized misogyny is all around us. It is in a potentially athletically talented young girl being deprived of her opportunity to play for her schools’ co-ed soccer team because “she is a girl”. It is in a group of teenage girls standing in their school hallways, exchanging condescending remarks and snickering about how another girl in their grade is a “slut”. It is in a girl failing to see the true worth in herself as

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