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5 Ways to Make Money This Summer As A Teenager

I’m sure we’ve all heard our parents jokingly ask us, “Why don’t you get a job?”  Especially when we ask them to buy us stuff or give us cash. And we all know that the birthday and holiday money our relatives give us doesn’t last forever. So what do we do if we are tired of having to go through our parents and relatives to get money? The answer: We have to find a source

Real Life

Are Brands Using Our Outrage to Market Their Products?

Over the past few week s social media has gone through several different battles with well-known brands such as H&M for their advertising displayed on their U.K. fashion site displaying a young black child in a sweatshirt that stated: Coolest monkey in the jungle. Unless you were born two minutes ago, everyone is aware that monkey is a racial slur used against black people to say they are not human and are just slightly advanced

Real Life

So What If the NCAA Starts Paying Athletes?

On Monday night, college football fans everywhere watched the College Football Playoff National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia took off at 8:15 eastern standard time, to await the winner of the SEC. Taking place in the Mercedes Benz Stadium, the city of Atlanta could see an estimated profit of $100 million from this single game. Though this is good for the city of Atlanta, the athletes playing this game who have a less than


What Women Should Know Before Travelling in the Middle East

Travelling as a Western woman in the Middle East can be a daunting prospect. Terrorism, political instability, and restrictive anti-feminist laws make it seem like the one region tourists and travellers should stay away from. But how much of that is true? Due to media coverage, there is a somewhat hysterical perception of the Middle East as being a homogenous area where terrorism exists on top of other social issues. While terrorism and war is


10 Brands You Should Know That Donate To Good Causes

If you’d like to rep cool merchandise and donate to good causes then this is the list for you. Know that, with your money, every time you’re making a purchase you’re contributing to the bigger picture. Here are few of many brands that you can find that you know do their part in actively helping out the world we live in: Sandcloud — This brand’s mission is to help protect marine life. They donate 10% of


Why Travelling Solo Is Important

Many people plan group holidays, couple getaways, family vacations, but the gem of traveling solo is irreplaceable. I am at a stage in my life where I am 19, yet I haven’t been on an extended trip by myself. Despite moving out for university and living somewhere completely new to me for the past 6 months, it’s not the same as being on the move, from one overwhelmingly new place to the next. This summer

Real Life

Why Economics Should Have A More Important Place In Schools

Until this year, someone could have asked me for a basic definition of socialism, and I would’ve been unable to respond, even though this should have been something I was taught in school. In Canada, many of our history courses cover our province’s history, as well as general Canadian history. However, we rarely talk about the economic systems that run our nation. When you boil it down, very few events in history have been triggered


Connected: How One Country Can Change The World Economy

With the rise of technology, the world has seen one of its most rapid changes in history. Now, instead of having to wait weeks or months to receive a letter, people can transmit messages in an instant with a simple click. Now, with the connectivity of a global village, international affairs have never been more important. In other words, countries have perhaps never been more reliant on each other than they are now. With the

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My School Raised 155k for Charity in One Week

For one week in mid-February every year, my school, Troy Athens High School, dedicates itself into raising money for charity. The three years that I have attended, we were able to break our record. From 56k to 57k, from 57k to 84k, and finally, a record shattering amount this year from 84k to a whopping 155k. This is practically double the amount we raised last year and three times the amount we raised two years

Real Life

How to Manage Your Money as a Teen or Young Adult

The ‘Starbucks Dilemma’ is a term that randomly popped out in my head after reading a Facebook post by a Malaysian writer, Sher Hann  Chua entitled ‘An Open Letter To The Average 20-Something Living in Kuala Lumpur’ about the undebatable reality of how youngsters leading our jeopardized life especially in managing our bank accounts,  and I strongly believe that every youth who existed in this Internet era has dealt with the struggle of choosing between

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