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Mental Health

4 Ways to Mentally Adjust to Moving and Life Changes

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once stated that “the only constant in life is change.” And, although it might sound like a paradox, in actuality, we are constantly evolving, disrupting our lives in search for something better. However, as humans our mental health can become extremely fragile during these times, making falling into a negative mindset much easier. Here are my top tips, that I have personally used, to embrace the change that comes with moving. Lock

Real Life

Where To Find Cheaper Dorm Supplies

I hate to be that person, but summer is just about half way over. It’s almost time for all those back to school commercials we all hate to see make their return Soon we’re going to be heading to the mall and the local Wal-Mart for back to school supplies. This year, I’ll have to pick up more than just the regular few pairs of jeans, shoes, and binders. I am about to be a

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