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Mental Health

How To Deal With Exam Stress

With the exam season soon approaching, many students across the globe are struggling to deal with the stress it brings. In the United Kingdom, pupils are currently getting prepared for their GCSEs and A-Levels exams but it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the pressure the season brings. Childline revealed that in 2016/17, they delivered 3,135 counselling sessions on exam stress alone with a rise of 11% from the previous two years. 1 in


Stop Glamorizing Gang Culture

Dear Middle-Class Teenager of America, Stop glamorizing gang culture. Stop throwing up gang signs when you hear a rap or hip-hop song. Stop calling yourself a “Blood” when you wear red. Stop calling yourself a “Crip” when you wear blue. In haste you mock those who have endured in urban neighborhoods and have fallen victim to these gangs you idolize. You are protected by privilege and gated communities when you blatantly ‘rep’ an existing gang.


Feminism, Fluidity and Finding Yourself: An Interview with Jennifer Weishaupt, Director of Girls Rock Athens

My hometown of Athens, Georgia, a blue dot amidst a sea of statewide conservatism, attracts attention for more than University of Georgia football — music is just as big here. Nationally-recognized names such as the B-52’s, REM, the Drive-by Truckers, of Montreal, Kishi Bashi, Monsoon, and Modern Skirts all call Athens home.  Girls Rock Camp Athens (GRA), a local nonprofit, combines the progressive environment of the Classic City with the vibrant music scene to offer

Real Life

The Owner of Coachella Opposes LGBT+ Right, Denies Climate Change, And Enables Cultural Appropriation

Throw away your flower crowns, pack up your tents, and drive away from Indio. The famous music festival Coachella, the epicenter of cultural appropriation and capitalism, is not all fun and games. Coachella is under the ownership of AEG, a corporate giant who owns and operates several sports teams, venues, and music events. Philip Anschutz, the owner of AEG, is suspected to have donated his profits to questionable groups. The pro-LGBT group Freedom for All Americans

Awesome AF Teens

Interview w/ Giovanna Trabasso: A Model for Teenage Dreamers Around the World

Giovanna Trabasso—preferably Gigi—is a nineteen-year-old woman from São Paulo, Brazil. She currently attends NYU Steinhardt, where she majors in Media, Culture, and Communications. Despite her young age and novelty to the country, though, Gigi has already accomplished quite a bit for herself. She is a writer for the teen magazine “Affinity Mag” and also for “The Kraze Magazine.” She is apart of Washington Square News’ Social Media Team, and she is also the Executive Producer

Awesome AF Teens

Teen Rapper, TyDaJedi, Embarks on His Greatest Odyssey

The name TyDaJedi may not mean much to you now, but wait a couple years and get back to me. This kid is going to be huge. Tyler Gaskins, commonly known on social media as TyDaJedi, is a teenage rapper from Miami, Florida whose main focuses right now include building his brand and working on his EP. Gaskins has been around music for about as long as he could remember. He’s been classically trained on


More Than Chance the Rapper’s Little Brother

Taylor Bennett, who happens to be Chance the Rappers little brother, recently dropped his second album, Restoration Of An American Idol. The album, filled with features from artists like Chance, Lil Yachty and Kyle, highlights the everlasting talent within the Bennett family. However, since Chance is now considered one of the biggest names in music, many only recognize Taylor as Chance’s little brother. Restoration Of An American Idol along with Broad Shoulders, Taylor’s first album,


4 Artists You Need To Start Listening To

2017 has begun to see a rise in new artists, many whom have just started off their career and others who have recently emerged again. Here is a list of 4 new up-and-coming and reemerging artist to watch in 2017. Their music will defiantly be on the radio non-stop this year. 4. Julia Michaels  Julia Michaels, 23, is an American singer/songwriter from Santa Clarita, California. Recently she has come out with her latest single, Issues,


PUNKS NOT DEAD: Why You Should Expect More Punk Rock In The Next Four Years

Ever since punk rock’s emergence in popular culture in the 1970’s, it has been used as a platform to express political injustices. From the Sex Pistols’ controversial “God Save The Queen” to Green Day’s more recent and various Trump protests, punk rockers have used their music to spread societal ideas in unapologetic ways. Punk Rock is the music of revolution. It’s unique ability to move attention, to be loud and violent; but in meaningful ways,


How Listening to ‘Folksy’ Music Altered My Inner Monologue

My parents are both professional musicians. Since birth, I’ve been listening to countless different kinds of music. For many people, the first concert they attend is an unforgettable milestone. I honestly cannot remember what my first concert was, though, I think I’ve always leaned towards the artsy music. My Freshman year of high school, I decided to try something new and I tried out for cheerleading. I made the team and fell in love instantly with

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