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Workshop on Women’s Studies Discusses Feminism, Hijab and Objectification of Women

Exploring themes as important in today’s world as feminism, the neo-liberal and radical kinds of it, capitalism and how it exploits women’s labor, a nine-day workshop was held in Qom, Iran at the University of Religions and Denominations. This program was organized by the international department of URD by the joint efforts of the Director General of the International Relations and Cooperation, Dr. Mahdi Salehi and the Director of International Short Courses, Dr. Zahra Sharif.


What These Pakistanis Girls Wish To Do If They Were Boys For A Day Might Shock You

Some time ago in a poll on my Instagram story, I asked Pakistani girls from among my followers a simple question: what they would do if they were to be guys for 24 hours and why. The results did not shock me, and I could relate to almost all of the answers. One respondent from Rawalpindi, Rameen, said: “Get out of my house and walk around the neighborhood.” And that, very plainly, is the reality


Dispelling Misconceptions About Islam — With A Muslim

About a day or two ago, my coworker and I got into a rather “heated” conversation over Islam and its teachings, stereotypes, and his overall bigotry. He is firm in his stance that all people who are of Arab descent and follow the teachings of Islam are terrorists, they are violent and so on. To this, I responded how most normal people would, politely disagreeing with that completely incorrect assumption. Although I am not Muslim,

Three candidates for an interview - two white men in suits and a white woman in a skirt. Sitting down, only visible from the shoulder down.

London Study Reveals Islamophobia in Hiring Process

There’s a lot in a name. For some, their name can be a source of pride: something passed down for generations upon generations. But for job-seekers, certain names can reduce their employability. Inside Out, a BBC television program dedicated to exposing injustice, decided to conduct a small experiment on perception of Muslim names. In their experiment, they sent off two identical CVs to 100 business managerial positions in London: one with the name “Adam” and


You Can Be Queer And Muslim — Don’t Let The Media Lie To You

Well, it’s pretty obvious that being queer alone is hard and my religion’s view towards my (LGBTQ+) community is adding the weight to my closeted queer self. I identify myself as a pansexual, gender-fluid human being, and a Muslim although I’m not religious at all still, I know several things about my religion. I find it really hard to keep my sexual orientation hidden because I am surrounded with mild religious environment, my families from both


The Toxic Normalization of Hate In Rural Towns

Hate, racism, xenophobia and general bigotry are nothing new. They are not regional, and they are not confined to the Southern states. Minnesota, for instance, is usually perceived as a more liberal place to live. However, the increase in bias-related incidents on the University of Minnesota campus, and the murder of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights last year, among other things, show that prejudice and hate are no strangers to the North. But, that’s just

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How To Fast Safely During Ramadan As An Underweight Person

Fasting requires immense amounts of self-discipline to complete. The journey is worth the outcome: physiologically, fasting has a plethora of health benefits including reduced cholesterol, increased detoxification promotion, increased metabolism, reduced stress, and increased weight loss. However, for underweight people, weight loss may present itself as a risk rather than an advantage. Especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan, fasting can be an extremely spiritually stimulating experience. The atmosphere associated with breaking a long days’


Who Are The Real Terrorists In America?

On September 11, 2001, a devastating attack on the United States sent fear through the country’s citizens. Planned and executed by Osama bin Laden and his loyal followers, Americans felt nothing but hatred towards the man behind over 2,000 deaths. From there on out, this hatred still rightfully resides inside millions. But with no one person to blame anymore, in recent years, it has been directed towards nearly any country in the Middle East. Blinded by fear,


5 of the Most Common Misconceptions About Islam: A Guide To Better Understanding a Foreign Religion

With the growing number of people around the world who support one anti-immigration policy or another citing fear of so-called “Islamic” terrorism and national security as main reasons for their choices, and with the growing threat of terrorism from groups that use Islam as a cover, I believe there is also a parallel growing need for clearance of misconceptions about Islam, because if it wasn’t enough that Muslims are the most affected group by so-called “Islamic”

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Hijab And Choice: Confessions Of A Non-Hijabi

I am Muslim, and am by no means a perfect one. Regardless of the connotations associated with this, Islam has been an integral component in my upbringing and the person I am today is a result of the Muslim values my family has instilled in me throughout my life and the adversity I have faced due to my religious identity. I am grateful that I have a relationship with my religion that I find comfort

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