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What You Need to Know About Bears Ears National Monument

Trump and his supporters have been adamant about their support of Confederate monuments and statues in the past. That’s why it was such a surprise when Trump decided to massively downsize the Bears Ears National Monument. Where is Bears Ears National Monument? Bears Ears National Monument is in Utah, and until recently, it was about 1.3 million acres. Why is it important? Bears Ears National Monument is laden with important Native American cultural sites and artefacts;


Trump Uses Slur In Front of Native American Veterans

On Monday, President Donald Trump referred to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocohantas” at a ceremony to honor the Native Americans who served to win World War II. Mr. Trump welcomed the three Navajo code talkers from World War II to the Oval Office. He deemed them “incredible” and “very special people.” It is not the first time Donald Trump has mocked Massachusetts Senator’s claims of being Native American. “You were here long before any


Here’s 10 Outrageously Problematic Things PETA Has Done and Why You Shouldn’t Support Them

Content warning: genocide, euthanization, animal abuse, objectification of women, sexism, slavery, r*pe, ableism, sexual violence, sexual assault, abuse, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, fat-shaming. Additional warning: links may contain graphic imagery and visual representations of the things listed above. This recent Thanksgiving, PETA made this incredibly insensitive and disgraceful statement: The best #Thanksgiving meals are the ones no one had to die for 😉 #Thanksliving pic.twitter.com/KMDIEj7xqT — PETA (@peta) November 26, 2015 Instead of using their large


14-Year-Old Native American Boy Killed By Police, Family Wants Answers

A 14-year-old Native American boy was killed by police on a Native reservation in Wisconsin, and now, his family demands justification. Jason Pero, an eighth-grader residing on the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa’s reservation, was fatally shot outside of his home last Wednesday, November 8, while staying home from school due to a flu diagnosis. According to The AP, the sheriff’s office of Ashland received a call at approximately 11:40 a.m. local time


Uncontacted Tribe Massacred in Brazil

Brazilian authorities are investigating an alleged massacre of indigenous residents of the Javari Valley. Very little has been confirmed at this point. It appears that several members of the tribe were collecting food when they encountered a group of miners. These prospectors had been hired to illegally dredge the valley’s rivers for gold. It is thought that ten or more people (some estimates go up to twenty) were killed. If this is confirmed, then a


Refusal to Recognize the Gender Non-Binary Can Be… Racist?

In the case of Two Spirit Indigenous North Americans, the intersection of gender and culture has historically been deeply intertwined. Native Americans believe in the existence of gender variant roles known as Two Spirit. Two Spirit people have long been regarded as gifted and respected above all others because they carried the spirits of both a male and female. Not to be mistaken with LGBT+identities (this identity is not interchangeable with LGBT+), Two Spirit, a


America Still Hates Native Americans

Today, my heart was broken as I watched several Facebook live videos of ARMED police officers attack UNARMED protestors simply trying to protect their land. In April of 2016, a small group of people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe created a small camp along the Cannonball River to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline would carry crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline would also be crossing the


U.S. Education: Erasing Native Americans from History

I am an eighteen-year-old Native American boy. I am half Navajo and half Tohono O’odham. While growing up, I’ve moved from New Mexico, to California, and to Arizona. In Arizona, I attended schools on and off the Tohono O’odham Reservation. From seventh grade up to sophomore year, I went to schools in Three Points and Tucson. During those years I spent off the Reservation, I grew up seeing my parents drink and get into arguments.

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