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Dear Liberals: Not Everything is About Donald Trump

Dear Liberals, with a carbon copy to any and everyone else who might spew the same misconstrued rhetoric in conversations surrounding social justice: Racism and bigotry are not part of a new phenomena caused suddenly by the 2016 Election and inauguration of Donald Trump. What I am stating should be the obvious, so I may be reading as pretentious. Given the monolithic state of Black History lessons, we know about the Middle Passage and enslavement


Taking the Knee Is So Much Bigger Than Football

This past Sunday night was defined not by football but by the debate of what it means to truly be an American and what values are most important, questioning stances on civil rights and freedom of speech. As a result of Donald Trump’s attack on sports, specifically, the National Football League, athletes across the country took a stand (or knee) on their morals in front of the entire nation. “There is no doubt this is


Super Bowl Party Guidebook

They playoffs are over and it’s time for the one of the biggest sports games of year: the Super Bowl. It’s also that time of the year some Americans collectively watch football together pretending they’ve watched any other games this season. Nonetheless, the Super Bowl has become a staple in American pop culture events. So whether or not you know who the Patriots or the Falcons are, grab some friends, sit at the TV, and dip

Real Life

Stop Prioritizing Football and Money Over Students

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and by that, I mean football season. School has started, so high school, college, and professional football are all in full swing. For many Americans, the weekend is scheduled around football. High schoolers play Friday nights so families don’t miss the college football coverage Saturday. Then they relive it all over again and watch professional football on Sunday and Monday nights. It is a respected schedule in many


I Stand—or Sit—With Colin Kaepernick

My monumental moment in activism came after watching Fruitvale Station. The movie roughly follows the last day of Oscar Grant’s life. Grant was a Black man who was shot and killed by a BART Police officer on New Year’s Day, 2009. After this story, my heart sank. I was saddened at how his life was cut so tragically short, and how his family would be left to deal with the aftermath. I was disgusted seeing

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