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Teen Rapper, TyDaJedi, Embarks on His Greatest Odyssey

The name TyDaJedi may not mean much to you now, but wait a couple years and get back to me. This kid is going to be huge. Tyler Gaskins, commonly known on social media as TyDaJedi, is a teenage rapper from Miami, Florida whose main focuses right now include building his brand and working on his EP. Gaskins has been around music for about as long as he could remember. He’s been classically trained on


Remembering Nina Simone This Black History Month: Musical Legend and Activist

February is Black History Month and as a fellow Affinity Magazine article has noted, we often tend to leave out a lot of individuals that contributed to the Civil Rights Movement in their own way. An individual that falls into that underappreciated category is Jazz legend, Nina Simone. A music prodigy who took to playing the piano at the tender age of three, Nina Simone had always hoped to be known as the first African-American classical pianist, but

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