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Agricultural Child Labor Is Legal In The U.S. & Countless Children Are Suffering Because Of It

Every year, thousands of children and teenagers gather along rows of tobacco to pick the leaves for cigarette companies. In front of them are long and physically heavy workdays in extreme heat, with neither adequate breaks or proper shade. Together, they are part of a larger group of agricultural child workers who remain invisible and unprotected by the state. Since child labor still isn’t something of the past in the U.S., these children have to

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Rape Is Legal in North Carolina if the Victim Initially Consented

The judicial system has been reprimanded for years for rarely punishing rapists, however many victims are assured that, at the very least, their rapists are legally considered rapists. However, North Carolina is the only state in the U.S. where a victim cannot legally revoke consent. Anyone with common human decency should know that when consent is never given or withdrawn, sex is rape. This should be common sense. However, North Carolinians Amy Guy and Aaliyah

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