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The World Is Praising Kim Jong Un, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Over the past few months, we have watched Kim Jong Un do things we never imagined seeing happen in a million years. By the end of April, Jong Un becomes the first North Korean dictator to cross the heavily guarded border between North and South Korea along with South Korea’s President Moon. And just a little over a month later, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un make history by holding their first diplomatic meeting


Will The Historic Inter-Korean Peace Summit On Friday Finally Help To Bring Peace To The Korean Peninsula?

On April 27, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and the South Korean president Moon Jae-in is will meet for a historic peace summit scheduled to take place in the De-Militarized Zone between the countries. It will be the first time a North Korean leader has visited South Korea since the Korean War and the third time that a North and South Korean leader meet since 1953. Their meeting will be broadcasted live and over 2800


This Is What Living In North Korea Is Really Like

Scary rhetoric is regularly exchanged between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump. Between threats of “Fire and Fury’ and regular ballistic missile tests, lie the lives of 24 million North Koreans; all with families, friends and loved ones. Life in North Korea is about schedule and following the law, or perhaps, not getting caught if if you don’t. Power is off-and-on at best, and food is becoming increasingly scarce. People


The Donald Trump Method: Belittling Opponents in Substitution for Argument and Credibility

From the initial stages of his campaign to his office in the White House, Donald Trump has facilitated no shortage of controversy over his usage of name-calling and insults when responding to his opponents and critics. The tactic is not particularly new as it is simply more blunt; it is best akin to the mudslinging campaigns that presidential candidates have used for more than 200 years to attack their competition with degrading slogans, rumors and


Anti-U.S. Messages Promoted in North Korean Children Cartoons

The tension between North Korea and the USA is becoming more and more apparent as time goes on. With the promise of “fire and fury” from Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s threatened missile strike on Guam, it isn’t hard to see why. As most people have realised, North Korea isn’t a pleasant or just place to reside. Once you take into account the lack of electricity, water, heating, etc. that most of the population experience,


UN Security Council Imposes New North Korea Sanctions

The UN’s Security Council passed Resolution 2371 on Saturday. The resolution was unanimously passed with 15 votes in response to North Korea’s continued testing of ICBMs, which was in violation of previous UN resolutions. The resolution, drafted by the U.S., bans exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood to North Korea. The bill also prohibits increasing the number of North Korean laborers abroad and bans any new investment ventures with North Korea. This


Should the World Be Worried About North Korea?

In recent months, North Korea has made no secret about their capacity to bring annihilation to both U.S. and South Korea. Hearing this news, as a Californian especially, caused me to first react in fear. The U.S. has not come out with a solid plan on how we plan to defend ourselves in the case of a nuclear attack, neither do we seem to have the technology to detect the nuclear missile and disable it.


University Students in North Korea

On Feb. 22, Indonesia’s online newspaper called The Jakarta Post wrote an article regarding job vacancy in PUST (Pyongyang University of Science and Technology), one of the best universities in North Korea. A year ago, I wrote an article about an undercover journalist named Suki Kim, who surreptitiously became an English teacher in PUST. Students going to PUST are the ones who come only from wealthy, noble family. How is the life of a student


Acknowledging North Korea’s Humanitarian Crisis

What’s the buzz about? In recent years, international disputes over North Korea have been largely centered around nuclear threats and political conflict. However, what many have been failing to realize is the more eminent threat of mass starvation, poverty, and abuse of human rights within the country. Since Kim Jong-Un’s rise to dictatorship, ethics violations have been soaring to the national level–from public executions designed to shock the public to the notorious prison camps known for

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