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World Oceans Day: Reducing Pollution to Preserve Marine Life

As global warming and climate change become major problems of our society, it is relevant to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8. Acting as the lungs of our planet, the oceans give us the majority of the oxygen we breathe. The international day’s purpose is to make people aware of their impacts on the ocean—creating a universal movement centered on the preservation of various oceans. Having a sense of unity, the event enables individuals


The Global Crisis of Plastic in the Ocean

Plastic does make life convenient, it can be made into dishes and eating utensils, but those single-use plastic products you are using are causing a threat to animals and biodiversity. Billions of pounds of plastic can be found in our oceans. It makes up 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces. It is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our


Want to Visit Palau? First, You Have to Sign Environmental Pledge

Palau is the first nation on earth to “change immigration laws for the cause of environmental protection.” From now on, visitors of the country must sign a passport pledge promising to act in an ecologically responsible way. To quote the official website, “A pledge of, for, and by Palau’s children.” The pledge is not only a monumental step forward in the battle to conserve our climate, but Palau delivers its message with elegance and sincerity.


Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt Disappeared 50 Years Ago Today

“I know this beach like the back of my hand”. Those words were one of the last spoken by Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt before he vanished while going for a swim off of the shore of Cheviot Beach fifty years ago today. Hearing that an all-around-the-world-sailor would be arriving on the bay located near his holiday house, the Prime Minister, accompanied by his old friend Majoria Gillespie and house guests, decided to head down


This Island Community Has a Plan To Escape the Devastating Effects of Climate Change

The effects of climate change are glaringly obvious now more than ever. The Carribean has been ripped apart, Japan’s being dominated by tsunamis, the USA’s drowning and little islands are facing the very real possibility of their whole livelihood being taken over by the sea. But the Guna Yala autonomous region, which is inhabited by Panama’s indigenous Guna people, has an escape plan. The Guna Yala autonomous region is constructed of a strip of territory on the

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