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Can People With Opposing Political Views Be Friends?

The recent midterm elections had a record-breaking voter turnout and sparked many heated discussions among communities around the country. At times when people are so passionate about politics, it is common for people to make generalizing assumptions about those with political ideologies that are different from them. We start to view them through a lens, and we are closed off to them. But let’s say you meet someone who is kind, shares similar interests with


The Abuse of Qualified Immunity Within the Police Force

The limitations of qualified immunity for police officers have always been a hot topic in United States. The concept of qualified immunity is known as a form of defense for government officials as well as for police officers when they are sued for infringing citizens’ constitutional rights. Citizens need to be aware that only individuals are able to declare qualified immunity against proceedings, not governments. If ever they sue both the police officers and government, then they can still


Opinion: the World Cup is Not Just About Soccer

The 2018 FIFA World Cup began yesterday night on July 14, and with it started one of my favorite times of the year. Although this year my country did not qualify, watching international football championships will always be interesting for a series of factors that go well beyond the game itself. As a European, football (or soccer) was always a big deal. On Sunday afternoons, every town in Italy would stop for a few hours, just

Real Life

Maybe We’re All Wrong: The Importance of Being Open-Minded

Difference in opinion is so very important, for so many reasons. I challenge you to try to imagine a world where everyone agreed on everything. At first thought, it may seem very ideal, which in some cases, it really would be, but we have to keep in mind that people have difference in opinion for a reason. What if we’re all wrong? In most cases, when it comes to topics such as political views, no


I Refuse To Allow Trump Supporters’ Messages of Hate in My Community

In the past couple of months, every day that I drove by one particular street post in my neighborhood, I automatically got mad. That’s because someone had strategically put a “TRUMP: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” campaign sticker directly at eye level for passersby. There was never really a good time to take it down. Whenever I would pass it, I would tell my mom that I needed to take it down, as it irritated me

Multicoloured illustration of people of vaying races, cultures, genders and ages

4 Reasons We Shouldn’t Get Rid of Labels Just Yet

“I don’t want to box myself into anything.” “I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into being something I’m not.” “I think we should just be who we are and stop trying to force people into categories.” “I just don’t believe in labels.” Over the past year, I’ve hear countless iterations of this sentiment, and frankly, I find it quite disconcerting. Here are a few reasons why labels should stick around. 1. Fighting Oppression Superficially, the


Stop Co-Opting #BlackLivesMatter for Your Memes

6 UConn frat boys got arrested for illegally serving alcohol to a 19 y/o who ended up dying and this is how the frat responds. Fck this BS pic.twitter.com/D37rO4Dv0p — eemi (@eemanabbasi) February 27, 2017 In February, Kappa Sigma fraternity members from the University of Connecticut were charged with offenses contributing to the death of a fellow student, Jeffny Pally. In October 2016, Jeffny Pally attended a party at a frat house, and was later


Is Freedom of Speech Only for the Majority Now?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) has stated that freedom of speech is guaranteed for every human being. But when you’re a part of the minority, people tend to ignore your opinion, even trying to stop you from speaking up. Does the freedom of speech only belong to the majority? Is the majority’s voice supposedly morally correct? Let’s examine what is written in the UDHR. According to the article 19, “Everyone has the right to


Why Is One Of The Most Sexist Systems Still Running?

The Herald Express, a local newspaper based in Torquay recently released an article talking about a young girl who was kicked out of Scouts due to her, well, being a female. This set off an excessive argument within the comments section amongst locals about whether gender should control what activities we take part in, but it could be that it’s a sexist system altogether. Boy Scouts started in 1908, twenty years before Girl Guiding began,


Living Blue and Seeing Red

Most people tend to base their political beliefs around the people they spend most of their time around and are influenced by the most. The information that you take in and consume will help to shape and sculpt the way you see the world. Yet, somehow, someway, I am a proud progressive Democrat living in a deeply conservative Republican state. Despite being surrounded and heavily influenced by a conservative culture all my life, I’ve never

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