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Let’s Talk About Cis Het Asexuals And The LGBT Community

With the burgeoning of LGBT activism and acceptance in the 21st century, as well as many MOGAI identities seeping into public awareness, some people may think that the LGBT community is no longer in danger of discrimination or oppression. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although lesbians, bisexuals and gays can now serve in the military, get married and adopt kids, these are all things they couldn’t do until recently.  Even today lesbians, gays,


Attention White Gays: Stop Using Queerness as a Band-Aid

When you use a bandage, you are trying to cover up a wound. The bandage isn’t the healing agent; it conceals the injury until it fades away. Likewise, when white gay people use the fact that they are gay to make up for their shortcomings (such as biases and privileges) as a white individual, they are just putting band-aids on bullet holes rather than getting to the root of the problem. Unfortunately, this problem won’t


Dear TERFs: Trans People Don’t Want to Sleep With You

Trigger warning: r*pe, sexual assault, sexual violence Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism / Feminists (or TERF) is the type of feminism we all like to pretend isn’t there, and for good reason. Any conversation with a TERF will tell you that there isn’t really any logic or facts to it: they just want to oppress trans people (specifically trans women), under the guise of protecting “real women.” To them, trans women are invading what it really means


There’s No Such Thing as Cisphobia, You’re Just Being Immature

Image: Morgan Potts Are you tired of those darn mentally ill transtrenders talking about transphobia all the time? Or perhaps you hate the fact that you can’t openly say that you think all transgenders should be killed, without receiving backlash? Would you even go as far as saying that living in this world as a cisgender person is so hard, and that cisphobia is real? If you said yes to those three things, you’ve come


White People — Stop Comparing Racism to Other Systems of Oppression

Content warning: sinophobic slurs, homophobic slurs, mentions of violence. Recently I came across a conversation online within the LGBTQIA+ community, in which I witnessed a white gay man compare homophobia to racism. He asserted that it was because gay people had gotten help from straight people that marriage equality had been granted in the U.S., then going on to state that it was because of white people that all laws that permitted racism had been

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I Will Not Settle For Less

When fighting discrimination, no matter whether its racism, sexism, homophobia or xenophobia, there is always someone who will say something along the lines of “some people have it worse than you” in order to discredit your battle, they believe that just because injustice is bigger for someone else how it affects you is not valid enough to be fought or even pointed out. These people are usually not affected negatively by the unbalance in society rather


How Trump’s Anti-Abortion Rule Will Affect Women Worldwide

In just the few days Donald Trump has been president, he has signed executive order after order, spreading his reach wide and far across the United States of America, using his policies to travel into every nook of this country to find new lives to target and destroy. This time however, Trump’s bullying ambitions have gone farther than just the women of our nation. On the morning of January 23rd, President Donald Trump signed yet


Censorship in Indonesia: Necessities or Oppression?

Censorship in Indonesia is an intense topic to talk about in the country. The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) creates regulations in order to filter the contents that will be shown on television. Explicit content, such as nudity, sex and violence, will have to be removed from the show before it is aired on TV. Indonesia itself has its own method in censorship. For example, when there is a scene that shows a woman and her cleavage can


I Stand—or Sit—With Colin Kaepernick

My monumental moment in activism came after watching Fruitvale Station. The movie roughly follows the last day of Oscar Grant’s life. Grant was a Black man who was shot and killed by a BART Police officer on New Year’s Day, 2009. After this story, my heart sank. I was saddened at how his life was cut so tragically short, and how his family would be left to deal with the aftermath. I was disgusted seeing

Real Life

How to Be Woke When You Still Feel Asleep

According to dictionary.com, the definition of being ‘woke’ is being ‘actively aware of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those related to civil and human rights.’ In human-speak, it means you give a damn about the well-being and equal rights of all humans, whether their skin color, gender identity, sexual identity, or other distinguishing human quality is different than yours. But what happens if you’re trying to stay woke when you don’t feel like you’re aware of

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