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How Internalized Racism Harms People of Color

Around the age of six, I started to notice that certain people around me looked different than I did. During this time, my family had decided to move out of a townhome located in the loud urban metropolis of Minneapolis, to this small, quaint neighborhood in a suburb 30 minutes away. In Minneapolis, I had plenty of friends that looked like me; same hair, similar culture and they had the same brown skin and brown

Mental Health

Dear Parents of Colour, You Need To Have an Open Dialogue With Your Kids Regarding Mental Health

Few people are privy to the fact that July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. As many people know, mental health is something that does not discriminate when it comes to race. Because of this, however, it can be and is much harder on children of colour who suffer from a mental illness(es) due to their ethnic backgrounds. As a person of colour myself, I can definitely attest to this. I’m the first generation daughter


White People — Stop Comparing Racism to Other Systems of Oppression

Content warning: sinophobic slurs, homophobic slurs, mentions of violence. Recently I came across a conversation online within the LGBTQIA+ community, in which I witnessed a white gay man compare homophobia to racism. He asserted that it was because gay people had gotten help from straight people that marriage equality had been granted in the U.S., then going on to state that it was because of white people that all laws that permitted racism had been


Hypervisibility Is Not Black America’s Fault

Season two of Master of None was recently released on Netflix, and it seems Aziz Ansari might be dethroning Kendrick Lamar for Woke Boy Extraordinaire™. While his show doesn’t shy away from talking about race and brings the minority experience to light, I can’t think about it without shuddering. In season one, protagonist Dev grumbles to his black friend that “People don’t get fired up about racist Asian or Indian stuff. I feel like you


A Very Important Conversation About the Black/White Binary

Disclaimer: I know that the different backgrounds and views will lead to misinterpretations of this article. Therefore, I feel the need to disclaim that I am not trying to discredit or devalue any of the oppression and racism that Black people went through and continue to go through. I am simply trying to bring light to the issue that is the Black/White binary. The topic of racism is highly dominated by the issues Black people


Dear Asians: We Need To Address the Anti-Blackness in Our Community

Image: Jama Abdirahman, The Seattle Globalist Content warning: Anti-black slurs The first time I began to realize that there was anti-blackness in our community was a few months ago when one of my Chinese family members told me to beware of black men on the street. I was warned to walk on the other side of the road if there was a “gang” of them, as she said there was a high chance they would steal my


Just Because You Don’t Have European Features Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Beautiful

It’s 2017. Sadly, much to our disappointment, times still haven’t improved for people of color. For starters, the preference for those who possess European features is still prevalent throughout our society. Though this flawed logic has been normalized and passed on from one generation to another, it is time to address the truth: we are all beautiful in our own special ways. It is unclear who decided that European features would be known as the epitome

Real Life

Asian American College Applicants Are Being Urged To Appear “Less Asian”, And I’m Not Surprised

Ivy Coach, a Manhattan company directed by Brian Taylor, is urging Asian Americans to “appear less Asian when they apply” for college applications. It is highly recommended that they lower their “Asianness” by picking another musical instrument or playing a different sport in high school, all in an attempt to avoid what James Chen, the founder of Asian Advantage College Consulting, calls “the Asian penalty”. This does not surprise me. As someone who is a white-passing


16 POC Who Rocked 2016

We can all agree that a lot of bad things happened in 2016. For instance, Donald Trump was elected president. We also lost legends like Carrie Fisher, Prince, David Bowie, and George Michael. With all the negativity surrounding this year, I think it’s best we shed some light on the good. Here are 16 people of color who absolutely rocked the year 2016. 1. Auli’i Cravalho Most known for her voice acting debut role in Disney’s Moana, Cravalho has caught

International, Race

What Hedi Slimane’s Legacy Means for People of Color

In early April of this year, Hedi Slimane announced his departure from the title of Yves Saint Laurent’s creative director, resigning after a four-year creative control of the Paris-based fashion house. Hedi Slimane’s tenure at the Paris fashion house was ambitious. The press hailed his creative direction and complete rebranding of the company as monumental; in sync with his transformation of the brand’s aesthetic, he doubled the brand’s sales and polished its financial revenue. A

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