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Ending Disproportionate Incarceration Starts With Tackling Police Brutality

“Black Lives Matter” has been an ongoing movement at the forefront of modern politics and social issues, and out of the many concerns it seeks to accentuate, the treatment of African Americans and Latinos within the criminal justice system is an important and prevalent aspect. There is an alarmingly high rate of fatal police encounters with people of color, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having to pay an


14-Year-Old Native American Boy Killed By Police, Family Wants Answers

A 14-year-old Native American boy was killed by police on a Native reservation in Wisconsin, and now, his family demands justification. Jason Pero, an eighth-grader residing on the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa’s reservation, was fatally shot outside of his home last Wednesday, November 8, while staying home from school due to a flu diagnosis. According to The AP, the sheriff’s office of Ashland received a call at approximately 11:40 a.m. local time


Local Georgia Officer Brazenly Admits That “We Only Kill Black People”

A local Georgia officer is under fire after he is caught on dash cam attempting to placate an agitated white driver.  He is seen in the video to have told the passenger, “But you’re not black! Remember? We only kill black people.” The inflection in the officer’s tone seems to suggest that he’s joking about the matter. Despite this very minute detail, the fact that he would even have the audacity to joke about such


Dear Donald Trump, Police Brutality Is Not a Joke

Donald Trump, once again, stirred up controversy in the media after making a comment to an audience of law enforcement officers in Long Island, New York last Friday that appears to condone police brutality. “When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, and I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice,’” Trump said to a laughing and


Black People Are In Mourning

Grief is a powerful thing. Anyone who has lost someone has experienced grief, and many people are well aware of the five common stages of it. In case you aren’t, those are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. So then, how many of our own do black people have to lose before we’re allowed to experience these emotions? Following Philando Castile’s murder, I felt denial. I felt like it couldn’t be real; I thought, “this


Charleena Lyles was a Disabled Black Woman Who was Shot and Killed By Police In Front of Her Children – And the Media Continues to Erase Her Identity

Yes, you read that right. Charleena Lyles was a thirty-year-old disabled black single mother, who was fatally shot in her apartment by Seattle Police Department on June 18. SPD responded to a call made by Lyles saying that there was a burglary taking place at her apartment, and at some point, Lyles displayed a knife and these two officers shot and killed Ms. Lyles in front of her children, knowing that Ms. Lyles was several


Black America Does Not Want Ice Cream. We Want Justice.

Today America’s law enforcement officers offered up yet another tone-deaf response to the issue of state-sanctioned violence while continuing to uphold white supremacy by cooperating with the devaluing of our bodies and enabling of race soldiers to slaughter us. The Boston Police Department tweeted an image of three, smiling youth of color with a police officer behind them. The image is captioned “The #BPD Ice Cream Truck gives kids a reason to run towards our

Real Life

The ACLU Has an App to Easily Record and Submit Police Encounters

Police brutality has always been an issue in the United States, especially for black people. Over the last few years, many cases of police brutality have gotten immense amounts of media attention, which resulted in more and more people learning about the corruption in police forces across the country. Many people, now, have taken measures to make sure that murders committed by police officers don’t go unnoticed. Since it’s formation in 1920, The American Civil


Black Women Are In Danger Too

  Police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement are making front page headlines, nationally and internationally every day. The movement continues to grow larger, as more people recognize the institutionalized racism within our police force. We’ve all seen traumatic things happen to people such as Eric Garner, Walter Lamar Scott and Freddie Gray. What about black women? Are they being targeted as well? I was talking with two friends the other day. One argued,


Dear Police Officers, Stop Exploiting Black Kids For Publicity Stunts

Instead of actually doing something about police brutality and discrimination against Black people, police have routinely opted for the easier “solution”. A little while back police officers pulled law-abiding citizens over for no reason other than to give them an ice cream cone. About a year ago there were suspiciously well-framed photos of a young black boy hugging a police officer. Most recently, Apex Police Department posted a picture (shown below) of an officer eating

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