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Know Your Rights: Stand Your Ground With Law Enforcement

Remember that it is always easier for people who are white and cis to exercise these rights. Thus, allies and members of the majority can and should use this privilege to stand up to law enforcement. To support both themselves and minority groups. In a country with an abundance of accessible, clearly defined rights, it would be ill-advised not to familiarize oneself with the legal tools at one’s disposal, or take advantage of their power.


Prostitution: An Identity Or A Stigmatized Profession?

Prostitution is the world’s oldest trade. Throughout history, the sale of sex has been a necessity for some and a major point of contention for others. More often than not, the victims of the system are working class women who are subjected to humiliation and degradation, from their abusers and the authorities alike. Before the 18th century, the term referred to any woman who took part in sex outside of wedlock, but by the 1700’s the term became

Real Life

Officer Shot and Killed at Texas Tech University

An officer at Texas Tech University was shot and killed Monday night. The suspect shot the officer in the head after being detained for possession of drug and drug paraphernalia in his dorm room. “Earlier this evening, Texas Tech Police made a student welfare check. Upon entering the room, officers found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Officers brought the suspect to the police station for standard debriefing. During this time, the suspect pulled a


Local Georgia Officer Brazenly Admits That “We Only Kill Black People”

A local Georgia officer is under fire after he is caught on dash cam attempting to placate an agitated white driver.  He is seen in the video to have told the passenger, “But you’re not black! Remember? We only kill black people.” The inflection in the officer’s tone seems to suggest that he’s joking about the matter. Despite this very minute detail, the fact that he would even have the audacity to joke about such


One Day Until Venezuela Adopts a New Constitution

1. The Balance: 120 days of resistance. More than 96 people killed of which more than 12 were minors. Most victims are 19 years old or younger. 15.000 hurt, 6 missing, 4072 arrested for protesting, 444 political prisoners (including majors, activists, the new members of the supreme court, etc.). 479 were presented before a military court while being civilians.  As told by Lilian Tintori, leader of the opposition, wife of Leopoldo Lopez. 2. The Great Fraud:


Charleena Lyles was a Disabled Black Woman Who was Shot and Killed By Police In Front of Her Children – And the Media Continues to Erase Her Identity

Yes, you read that right. Charleena Lyles was a thirty-year-old disabled black single mother, who was fatally shot in her apartment by Seattle Police Department on June 18. SPD responded to a call made by Lyles saying that there was a burglary taking place at her apartment, and at some point, Lyles displayed a knife and these two officers shot and killed Ms. Lyles in front of her children, knowing that Ms. Lyles was several


White Supremacist Stabs Black Man for “Practice”

Harris Jackson, a 28-year-old white supremacist arrested for stabbing Timothy Caughman–a black 66-year-old male on Monday night, claims that it was for “practice” in preparation for a larger attack targeting black men which will take place in New York Times Square. Jackson had previously told a police officer hat he had come to Baltimore a few days before his initial attack on Caughman “for the purpose of killing black men and had stalked numerous potential


Teenage Abuse Victim Stalked and Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend after Being Fined by Police for Wasting Their Time About Reports

One third of women murdered in the US are killed by their intimate partners, which includes but isn’t limited to, boyfriend, husband, lover, ex boyfriend. Just because the statistics prove that men that women know and trust can be deadly, police don’t always treat it as such. The police more often than not help in the cycle of victim blaming, and giving the man the benefit of the doubt over the “emotional” women. This applies


Brazilian Prisons: Drugs, Factions And Bloodshed

Penitentiary systems across the third world are often faulty for the same number of reasons.  Instead of serving the purpose of inserting criminals back into  society, prisons usually adopt a punitive character. In addition to being often supervised by corrupt police officers that will allow free transit of weapons, cellphones and drugs, this hostile environment is prone to the emergence of violence. Members of conflicting gangs and factions coexisting in huddled cells evinces imminent tension.


Dear Police Officers, Stop Exploiting Black Kids For Publicity Stunts

Instead of actually doing something about police brutality and discrimination against Black people, police have routinely opted for the easier “solution”. A little while back police officers pulled law-abiding citizens over for no reason other than to give them an ice cream cone. About a year ago there were suspiciously well-framed photos of a young black boy hugging a police officer. Most recently, Apex Police Department posted a picture (shown below) of an officer eating

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