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The Power of Journalism: ‘The Scoop’ Interns Express Passion for Writing

Many teenagers today join organizations to meet people with the same interests: sports, arts, or music. Despite the popular assemblies, some teens are enthralled with writing and the power of words. They believe that they could change the world by reporting issues in the news. In the island of Guam, The Scoop is an organization that consists of teen reporters who are interns for the Guam Daily Post. Ranging from entertaining to serious topics, the


National Emergencies That The Government Should Actually Be Focusing On

On February 15, President Trump declared a national emergency on the border with Mexico to access the $5.7 billion that Congress refused to give him for his promised southwestern border wall. The declaration resulted from a two-month long government shutdown that was essentially the accumulation of the President’s temper tantrum over not getting exactly what he wanted. The thing is, there are far worse emergencies in the U.S. than border control at the southern border.


Why Women’s Issues are Political Issues

Recently, I accepted a position as a committee chair for the honors newsletter at my university. We had our first meeting, and I found out that all of my writers are men. This did not intimidate me. In fact, it made me feel even more in charge than I’d already felt. I led the meeting and held the attention of my writers the entire time. It was empowering. However, as the meeting began to end


The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Needs To Be Talked About

While we’re all enjoying 2019 with all our friends and families, people in Yemen are still struggling to survive against the war on their country. With its bombs and missiles, this war has brought immense fear to our lives. We live under constant threat, we are socially unstable, our chance of education is dead, and our country is politically insecure and economically broken. We are never free of anxiety. – Hadil Al-Senwi Hadil’s words are felt


What High Schoolers Think About the Government Shutdown

“It all feels so unreal,” said a seventeen year old high school student when questioned about the government shutdown. The United States government has been shut down for a month and counting, angering countless people in the nation. From tension igniting between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump to millions of people across the country who are currently working without pay, the government shutdown has without a doubt been one of the nation’s most spoken


We Can’t Let the Shutdown Affect MLK Day

There is no denying that there is political chaos in our country which has led the government to a standstill. President Trump has created a controversial situation that cannot be so easily resolved. According to The Guardian, the partial US government shutdown took effect after Senate failed to pass a budget that included the US$5 billion President Trump demanded for the wall. Unfortunately, it seems that the shutdown has yet to end and will extend


Post-Bolsonaro Brazil and How It Is Not Working Out

Brazil’s election had a rough but expected outcome, Jair Bolsonaro was elected for president. He hasn’t begun his presidential term yet, but even from behind the political scene of Brazil he has already managed to cause trouble. His campaigns, now and before the elections always circled around corruption, about how he and his family are “decent and honest” people and that he was unlike any other politician in the Brazilian scenery. That speech conquered a great


Justice Department Bans Bump Stocks

On Tuesday, the Trump administration issued a new federal regulation that officially bans bump stocks. The firearm attachments enable semi-automatic rifles, which are legal in the U.S., to fire like machine guns, which are illegal. They are most notable for being used in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which was the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S., in which a gunman used them to kill 58 people and wound hundreds of others in a span


How Fifteen-Year-Old Greta Thunberg Inspired A Global Movement Where Students Skip School To Protest Climate Change

Every Friday, fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg skips school to sit outside the Swedish parliament in order to raise awareness about climate change. She will do so until Sweden is in line with the Paris Agreement. In light of the UN’s large climate conference that starts today, her actions have inspired a global movement called Fridays for future where young people strike for the sake of the environment. Greta’s activism went viral this fall when she decided


Can People With Opposing Political Views Be Friends?

The recent midterm elections had a record-breaking voter turnout and sparked many heated discussions among communities around the country. At times when people are so passionate about politics, it is common for people to make generalizing assumptions about those with political ideologies that are different from them. We start to view them through a lens, and we are closed off to them. But let’s say you meet someone who is kind, shares similar interests with

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