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Let’s Talk About Walmart Underpaying Its Workers

The Walton family, the owners of Walmart, happen to be the richest family in the United States. They currently possess an estimated net worth of $149 billion. There is no denying that they have built Walmart into a signpost of capitalism and successful business. After all, Walmart serves to be the dominating market force for the average American and controls almost 10% of US retail sales. In 2017, Walmart made almost 14 billion dollars in profit, and today continues to


The War Between Minimum Wage-Earners and Billion-Dollar CEOs

As our capitalistic society progresses, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, it is becoming increasingly difficult for hard-working people to survive. The minimum wages in every state are not enough to cover an independent person’s expenses, and even a living wage isn’t enough to factor in elements such as student debt or extreme health emergencies. In 2016, 2.2 million workers comprised those in America making at or below the hourly minimum


Yes, Even Your Chocolate Is Problematic

An Easter basket goody. A dessert staple. A cultural medium. With a worldwide consumption rate of approximately 7.7 million tons annually, it’s obvious that chocolate is something a lot of people can’t seem to live without. Many people view chocolate as something that is an indulgent treat, reserved only for cheat days and special occasions. Still others prefer to eat it daily. Any way you look at it, chocolate is an integral part of food


LGBT America: It’s Time to Finally Stand Up For More Than Military and Marriage

In America, same sex marriage is legal, gay people can serve in the military and police stations are hiring LGBT cops. However, LGBT people still have high rates of homelessness, drug abuse, survival sex work, hate crime victimization, brutality by police, mental illness, abuse, criminalization and discrimination. These accomplishments help us blend in with straight society, but do not solve the most serious issues that Queer America faces. Day by day, we get ignored, put


Why It’s Important For the Latinx and Black Community To Come Together

The United States is a country structured in racism and its effects are evident every single day. It is a structure that upholds white supremacy and creates a racial hierarchy designed by white people. It is very clear that  Black people are the most marginalized and the most oppressed globally. Trump encouraged police to increase police brutality, an already huge issue within the Black community. Another population that is heavily targeted through racism is the

The Inside of Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Is The Final Straw for the Disenfranchised UK

The West has an ego about its ability to provide for its citizens. The UK is no exception. Despite this ego, London, as Charles Dickens wrote, tells a “tale of two cities” – meaning the divide between the rich and the poor forms almost two completely separate worlds and living experiences. In London, 21 %of people working are paid less than the London Living Wage, and 18% of all jobs in London are considered low-paid. In

Real Life

All Hope Is Not Lost For Appalachia

Social problems can be defined by many different people, many different ways. A social problem is a condition that was born from a society that is not an ideal situation. Given this definition of a social problem, it is well known that the Appalachian region is home to many of them. It also goes without saying that there have been many outside influences that have tried to step into Appalachia in an attempt to solve


Overpopulation Does Not Exist

In today’s world, the word “overpopulation” is tossed around repeatedly and is the basis for a global crisis. But what does the word actually mean? Well, overpopulation is “if a country or city has too many people for the amount of food, materials, and space available there.” While certain places may meet these requirements, as of yet there is not the global overpopulation that seems to be feared by so many. In January of this year, it


Refugees In Britain Are Living In Poverty

Refugees living in Britain are struggling to provide essentials for themselves and their families, as they are currently being driven into poverty. Hundreds of asylum seekers living in the UK are immensely struggling to survive, as some are faced with destitution, while others are being forced into exploitative work because they fear being detained and deported. It is estimated that the UK hosts around 117,234 refugees, which accounts for just 0.18 percent of the total


Undocumented Immigrants: Why They Can’t Just “Get In Line”

Ever since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has aimed to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border to “keep out the rapists and drug dealers” from infiltrating his “great nation.” Trump is currently on the way to building his wall when he proposed a bill to abolish government programs and agencies such as museums, libraries, and public broadcasting to instead transfer the funding from those programs to fund his wall.   I

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