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Why Can’t America Move On?

WHY CAN’T AMERICA MOVE ON? Why can’t America move on? This is the question that every politician, feminist, and minority rights activist is asking themselves constantly. Yet, no one has ever been able to give a clear and definite answer as to why the United States is at a stand still. Perhaps it is due to the fact that there is no one certain answer, but a multitude of overlooked problems that add up to


The Recipe for a Future Without Gender Roles

Internalized misogyny is all around us. It is in a potentially athletically talented young girl being deprived of her opportunity to play for her schools’ co-ed soccer team because “she is a girl”. It is in a group of teenage girls standing in their school hallways, exchanging condescending remarks and snickering about how another girl in their grade is a “slut”. It is in a girl failing to see the true worth in herself as


I Am Not Too Young to Decide That I Am Gay

  “How are you gay? You’re too young to know.” “You can’t be trans, you’re only 13!” “I’m sure you’ll pick a gender when you’re older,” and “It’s probably a phase you’ll grow out of in a few years,” are all things that have been said to kids and teens across the U.S. and around the world. Minors everywhere are being told daily that they can’t be who they are because they’re ‘too young to


Stop Treating Gay Clubs Like a Tourist Attraction

Gay Clubs are a drinking establishment which are marketed towards the LGBT+ community. Sorry to shock anyone, but this isn’t a place for heterosexual people to take their bridesmaids on a night-out to gawp at same-sex kissing. “The girls go to a LGBT club and start to look at us like they are in the zoo, admiring the new species they’ve found, and commenting on any action they see” – Omar Baldé, a regular


Why Are People Intimidated By Female Bosses?

They call him ambitious, but they say that she’s too aggressive. They call him independent, but they say that she’s not a team player. They call him the boss, and they say that she’s being a bitch. She’s too power hungry, she’s acting too masculine — she needs to tone it down, because her actions aren’t very ‘lady-like.’ NEWS FLASH: We’re not trying to be ‘lady-like.’ We live in a world where you get what

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