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Prostitution: An Identity Or A Stigmatized Profession?

Prostitution is the world’s oldest trade. Throughout history, the sale of sex has been a necessity for some and a major point of contention for others. More often than not, the victims of the system are working class women who are subjected to humiliation and degradation, from their abusers and the authorities alike. Before the 18th century, the term referred to any woman who took part in sex outside of wedlock, but by the 1700’s the term became


Sex Work: The Two Way Street with the One Way Sign

Sex work is often treated like it’s a one woman (or man, go off either way) show. Sex workers are constantly shamed by people young and old for being whores and selling away their bodies but their customers are never shamed. It is known that presidents, ambassadors, representatives, governors, senators, secretaries, lawyers, doctors etc use escorts but nobody says anything about it. Men and women alike go to strip clubs for their bachelor and bachelorette

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