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The Silent Treatment Is a Damaging Way to Punish Children

The silent treatment is often thought of as a harmless way of punishing a disobedient child by parents. In several families, parents believe the silent treatment is one of the best ways of punishing their children. But as said by the psychotherapist Richard Zwolinski, “The silent treatment is an abusive method of control, punishment, avoidance, or disempowerment”. Parents believe the silent treatment is a peaceable way of punishment since no verbal or physical abuse is

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Psycho-Pass Goes Beyond Anime: The Ethical Realities of A {“Perfect Society”

Orson Wells 1984, Blade Runner, Thomas Moore Utopia, minority Report. gun laws, massarces, rape, inequioty, injustices, prejudices, riddled with the consequences of the free will and free minded. Restrictions of laws and the increased surveillience is a peaceful existence worth conformity and total control? Psycho-Pass explores societal and psychological themes by thoroughly delving into the human psyche via an animated medium. based on the ethical theory of consequentialism, in which the only factor taken into account

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