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I Went To Trump’s Montana Rally. Now, I Realize Why He Won.

Depicted by the New York Times as the “least gay-friendly city in Montana,”with “59,000 mostly conservative citizens,” Great Falls is total Trump turf. It is also my hometown. When an official within the local political establishment informed me that the President of the United States would be flying on Air Force One into Great Falls International Airport, my mind was off to the races. Would he flip our only blue Senate seat red? Would this


Trump Is Treating Harvey Like It’s One of His Rallies

President Trump traveled to Texas on Tuesday to assess the damage that Hurricane Harvey has had on the state and provide comforting words to the people of Texas. He also made sure to boast of his win by saying that he will also be visiting Missouri. I will be going to Texas as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption. The focus must be life and safety. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)


Why We Cannot Just Forget About Charlottesville

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Va., on Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19, cannot be forgotten. Somebody f*cking died. Several people were injured. Neo-Nazis and KKK members proudly chanted Nazi slogans. The President of the United States blamed the aforementioned protesters as well as the counter-protesters for the violence that occurred. Amidst all of this, in the last seven days, the word ‘eclipse’ was searched on Google far more than the word ‘Charlottesville’. In

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