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A Look At Italy’s New Minister For Family

Italy, after months of crisis and changes of mind, finally managed to create a new government on June 1, when the new Prime Minister, together with the different Ministers making up the governing body, swore loyalty to the Constitution and the Republic. While there have been several elements about these elections that destabilized Italians, seeing the list of Ministers was perhaps the most shocking one. Lorenzo Fontana is the new Minister for Family and Disability. This man,


The Mediterranean is a Vast, Silent Cemetery

March 2018 recorded the lowest number of refugees reaching the Italian coasts after crossing the Mediterranean Sea, due to accords which the nation initiated with Libya last year. And, while Italy takes a weight off its shoulders, an even heavier burden is put on the refugees, which are left in atrocious conditions and can see European solidarity as nothing but a distant memory. From 2011, irregular migratory fluxes became constant in Italy, with most boats docking in its


The Amazing Result Of Jérôme Jarre’s Project To Help The Rohingya

A little bit more than a month ago, The french influencer Jérôme Jarre asked for our voices to help the Rohingya who, since late August, have taken refuge in Bangladesh due to the Myanmar genocide. He posted a video, on November 27th, explaining the life conditions of the refugees and asking anyone watching it to share this truth with the world so that big firms could help this population. However, as they did not react to


Rohingya Refugee Girls Are Being Sexually Abused and Forced Into Marriage

In Myanmar, an ethnic cleansing has been taking place. At the center of these heinous crimes are the Rohingya people, a Muslim based minority in the country who have been seen as outcasts and aren’t given many basic rights including voting. Over the past few years, tensions have been rising as foreign public officials and the U.N. condemn the country for the horrible acts being perpetrated against the Rohingya. The Rohingya face burnings of their villages

Rohingya Refugees Walk the Bangladesh-Myanmar border

73,000+ Rohingya Muslims Flee Myanmar Due to Ethnic Cleansing

The Rohingya are an ethnoreligious minority of about 1.1 million living in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (also known as Burma). Although Myanmar recognizes over 130 official ethnic groups, the Rohingya are not one of them. This has rendered them stateless for decades. Statelessness has been a huge problem in recent years; most people have undoubtedly heard the term in reference to the Syrian refugee crisis. Stateless peoples are not considered citizens by any

Coins stacked up with blue sky in the background

Alt-Right Terror Is Now Crowdfunded

A terrifying movement has begun to gain a following in Europe; a right-wing anti-Islam group Generation Identity have been making headlines after their controversial, crowdfunded plans to “Defend Europe.” Generation Identity are part of a larger movement named the “Identitarian Movement,” whose motives serve to reduce immigration, “Islamisation” and “Defend ‘native’ Europeans from becoming a minority“. Having established a group of aggressive whites on land, with fiery demonstrations in Berlin, Paris and Vienna, the group decided that their next


Sympathy to All Grenfell Tower Victims – Unless You’re a Refugee

As you may have heard, a fire broke out at Grenfell Tower in West London early Wednesday morning, devastating both local residents and the rest of the U.K. The police have confirmed there are at least 58 people are dead or missing, with the number expecting to rise as further investigations occur. The tower was home to working-class people of multi-cultural, ethnic and faith backgrounds, contrasting with the local affluent Kensington area, who were aware


Who Are The Real Terrorists In America?

On September 11, 2001, a devastating attack on the United States sent fear through the country’s citizens. Planned and executed by Osama bin Laden and his loyal followers, Americans felt nothing but hatred towards the man behind over 2,000 deaths. From there on out, this hatred still rightfully resides inside millions. But with no one person to blame anymore, in recent years, it has been directed towards nearly any country in the Middle East. Blinded by fear,


Appealing to the Supreme Court, Trump Persists on Muslim Ban

In accordance with the latest false narrative that terrorism is affiliated with the Islamic religion, President Donald Trump has reinstated his request for a Muslim-based travel ban by relegating the decision to the Supreme Court. The ban includes the 90-day termination of Muslim immigration from six countries—Yemen, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Libya—as well as a 120-day halt to the U.S. refugee program. Suspension would also apply to current Muslim U.S. residents who are out


A Safe Place For Syrian Children Has Opened Its Doors

Turkey is the top child refugee country in the world and is home to over 1.2 million child refugees, due to this programs to help give the children a better quality of life have been created, strengthening education programs, improving the quality of life and a more inclusive society for them, due to this a joint program that started less than two years ago in between the Turkish aid foundation IHH and Qatar’s Sheikh Sheikh

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