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Is Social Media Forcing Teens Into Unhealthy Relationships?

The ever-present red heart emoji can be found in Instagram bios of teens and even children around the world, often accompanied by a “mention” of their significant other’s relationship. This is simply another way of expressing one’s caring for another person, just like a card, t-shirt or tattoo. It might, however, be one calling card of an interesting effect social media can have on teens around the world. According to Pew Research Center, 44% of

Real Life

How to Celebrate the Holidays With a Dysfunctional Family

What should be one of the most ‘wonderful times of the year’ can be times of heartache and resentment when your family has a hard time coming together. Whether it be sibling rivalries, jealous aunts, or bitter divorces, the joy of holidays can be stripped away by the hate in the hearts of family members. The holidays should be a time of love, but instead, life happens. It may seem like this is an uncommon


An Interview With Rachel Dodson: The Founder Of A Jewelry Company Dedicated To Helping At-Risk Cambodian Women

One look at Penh Lenh jewelry and you know it’s something special. But for some, it’s more than a collection of colorful, vibrant jewelry, it’s a life-saver. Penh Lenh is a jewelry brand dedicated to funding opportunities in education and the work field for at-risk Cambodian women. 100% of all sales are returned immediately to the organization and help improve the lives of the artisans women who create the pieces. Affinity sat down with the


Why The Argument Against Gun Control Is Irrelevant

It’s hard to believe the degree of violence innocent people are witnessing every day. The Parkland shooting is only the most recent in a string of school shootings that have occurred in 2018. With 17 deaths, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has quickly surpassed Columbine to become the most devastating high school shooting and falls second only to Sandy Hook in terms of all-time school shootings. Teenagers should be writing term papers, studying for AP tests

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6 Things I’ve Learned In A Long Distance Relationship

On February 24, I will have spent the last two years of my life in a relationship with someone who, within that time, has become one of my best friends, my most trusted confidante, and the love of my life. This relationship just so happens to be long distance, but that doesn’t make what we have any less valid than a “traditional” relationship. However, there are somethings you learn quickly being in a long distance

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Voice: A Personal Essay of Expression

My personal definition of strength is to be wholly comfortable in yourself and your flaws. I have grown to accept that, and it has given me immeasurable solace in the past few months. I have learned how to hold myself accountable for certain things, and forgive myself for others. And all of these personal achievements were done with unwavering conviction. I like to delve into things head-first, and just like everything else, I dove into

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We Need to Reevaluate Our Relationship Goals

All over the internet, there are posts about relationship goals. I have seen endless threads of what makes a relationship become someone else’s dream too. How relationships are depicted online goes with the consumer culture that I have seen my whole life. Extravagant dates and expensive gifts, vacations and lots of cute pictures; relationship goals. What if this isn’t what makes your relationship? What if you don’t have the money for these diamond demands? What

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Social Media Isn’t The Problem — We Are

Nowadays, nearly everyone with a smart phone has a Snapchat. The social media forum has taken the app market by storm and is being used by parents and children alike. While the dog filter and face swap tool are seemingly innocent updates Snapchat has added to it’s arsenal, we can’t help but wonder whether Snapchat is putting its users in danger. During the summer of 2017, Snapchat released “Snap Map”, a feature where users could

Real Life

Finding Happiness: Here Comes the Hard Part

So you can’t find your place in this world. Turns out, neither can I. It’s unfortunate that our lives aren’t like Disney movies, and the hard parts don’t just simply fast forward in a montage. The princesses only had to find their Prince Charming. But in this day and age, we can find our prince… and still have to make our own happily ever after regardless, with a college degree, financially-stable job, and affordable living

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