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Know Your Rights: Stand Your Ground With Law Enforcement

Remember that it is always easier for people who are white and cis to exercise these rights. Thus, allies and members of the majority can and should use this privilege to stand up to law enforcement. To support both themselves and minority groups. In a country with an abundance of accessible, clearly defined rights, it would be ill-advised not to familiarize oneself with the legal tools at one’s disposal, or take advantage of their power.


The Dark Side To Coffee Production

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily — it’s simple to just buy it from our local Starbucks. It may seem easy for us but it certainly isn’t for coffee farmers in countries like Ethiopia and Brazil, where they are being exploited. With the global population demanding more of this famous beverage, these farmers are more susceptible to the violation of their human rights. Higher demand for coffee equates to foreign businesses employing


The Death of Transparency

For the last decade or so, transparency in government has been a big deal. Under Obama’s presidency, the White House website released new information nearly ever day. Even in this constant stream of news, Republicans were quick to say that Obama’s presidency was secretive.  Now we are faced with a president who we know almost nothing about. For ages now Trump has been attacking media outlets that disagree with him or report on the stuff that


Arizona’s Republican Senators Pass Bill That Allows Police To Silence Protesters

This Wednesday, the primarily Republican Arizona Senate voted on a bill that would permit law enforcement to seize the property of anyone present at a protest turned violent. The bill passed with a 17-13 majority, meaning protesting could now become a bit different in Arizona. The Senate voted to add “rioting” to the state’s racketeering laws, which are usually aimed at things like organized crime and illegal business activities. However, everything included in the definition of


An Interview With Shyam Konnur About Living The Activist Life

Shyam Konnur, a famous figure based in India for his active contributions to the LGBTQ+; not only an activist but a role model for people going through tough changes when accepting their sexuality or sexual preferences especially considering the region of the world they are situated in, their family virtues and religious upbringings. Shyam agreed to answer a few questions in order to spread awareness about how pride and commitment can bring about the sort of


I Repeat, Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny.

You say being a feminist is an extremism towards a gender. You say, “Women already have equal rights.” And I say, while you laugh at this movement, you are laughing at 15 million girls who become child brides each year. You are laughing at millions of girls sold into sex slavery. You are laughing at the 70% of Indian women who are victims of Domestic Violence in their lifetime. You are laughing at the countless


What Can You Do Now After The Elections? Well A lot

It’s been about a week since America made an irreversibly bad decision in choosing Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. In this time he’s began to settle into his new power, and choose his cabinet. But we shouldn’t settle. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people

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