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Opinion: High School Doesn’t Prepare Teens For Adulthood

While in school, how many times do you find yourself asking somebody, “When will I ever use this in life?” When you’re sitting in Algebra and are told to find the slope of an equation in standard form, do you groan and tell your teacher that learning this has no purpose? You’re probably right. Unless you’re going to become an engineer or a computer programmer, odds are you won’t need any math skills beyond basic


Teach Safe Sex Instead of Just Preaching Abstinence

Did you know that teen pregnancy rates are the highest in states that require abstinence be the main topic in sex education classes? Yet, we still teach abstinence as the core curriculum in 37 states, 26 of those states require teachers to stress abstinence as much as possible. In 2007 a study showed that abstinence only programs had little to no impact on the rates of sexual abstinence. Additionally research has shown that abstinence only programs

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