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The Nobel Literature Prize Sexual Assault Scandal, Explained

While it right now is the time of the year when the Nobel prize winners are announced, it seems to be quiet about one particular prize: the literature one. For the first time in almost 70 years, there won’t be any Nobel literature laureate; instead, two people will be awarded the prize in 2019 instead of one. It’s all due to a crisis within the academy that awards the prize, caused by a massive corruption and


The U.S. Marines Are Under Investigation For Leaking Nude Photos Of Female Members

The United States Marines are currently under investigation for leaking nude photos of female service members in a group called “Marines United.” This was revealed on a non profit news source called ‘The War Horse’ on Saturday via reveal. The marine corps have come under a media frenzy and the veteran who exposed the group has received death threats. Under the pictures of the scantily clad women, one could find degrading and explicit comments and

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You Have To Be Twice As Good To Still Get Treated Poorly

If I haven’t said it by now, Scandal is one of my favorite shows. From to the ultimate portrayal of #BlackGirlMagic displayed by Kerry Washington aka “Olivia Pope” to the social issues that are depicted in each episode, you can’t go wrong by becoming a Gladiator. One of my the most memorable quotes that has stood out to me the most from this show is the scene where Olivia’s father Rowan confronts his daughter over her


Welcome to Shondaland

Television is the new black. Up and down the country, Netflix and Amazon Prime are homes for the majority of the population. One writer and executive producer whose programmes millions have watched repeatedly are Shona Rhimes’. Her writing, characters, production value, and all-around brilliance of the shows she makes have myself, the public, and reviewers raving. The American Broadcasting Corporation adores her so much that they have dedicated Thursday evenings to three of her shows

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