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Real Life

America is Covertly Profiting From School Shootings

You would think that with every incident of gun violence, there would be a push for policy. Instead, there’s only been a growth in profiting. In the wake of so many school shootings, security companies and defense associations have thoroughly increased their revenue after a boom in the industry. Instead of the demand in gun reform increasing, there’s only been a demand in security mechanisms for schools. While implemented with good intentions, the problem with

Real Life

The United States’ Tragic History with School Shootings

Two adults and two students have been reported to be injured or killed in a school shooting on Monday, April 10th, at an elementary school in San Bernardino, CA. The shooting happened inside a classroom at North Park Elementary School and according to the San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan, it is believed to have been a murder-suicide. This school shooting follows the 2015 San Bernardino attack on the Inland Regional Center that left 14

Mental Health

Chelsea’s Bomb and the Effect on Mental Health

Another day, another high profile headline, another injury. Today police are investigating a bomb in Chelsea, New York. Details on the origination, motive, status of the victims, and potential suspects haven’t been released, but for the American population who is reading the news- the emotional damage has already been done. Every time there’s a heartbreaking headline or a new infamous trend on twitter, it seems like there’s always something new to be afraid of, a

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