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To Girls Telling Other Girls What to Wear, Please Stop

This morning, I came across an article on The Odyssey Online called, “To Girls Wearing ‘Cheeky’ Bathing Suit Bottoms, Please Stop”. What followed such a title, as you can imagine, was an plea from the author, Kayla Ratajczak, for young women to dress “modestly” at the beach, for the sake of their own dignity and respect. Among other things, it implored the reader to consider it from a parent’s perspective, asking, “would you want to

Mental Health

Why You Should Love Yourself Before Anyone Else: A List

Loving yourself is a grueling, unnerving process that many teenagers attempt to go through. Falling in love with what makes you you can be painful; it can be lonely; and it can be the single hardest thing you’ve had to do. Whether it’s struggling to find encouragement when you know others don’t like you and your personality; or if others persistently mock your insecurities; or comparing yourself to others is all that seems to haunt

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