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We Need to Reevaluate Our Relationship Goals

All over the internet, there are posts about relationship goals. I have seen endless threads of what makes a relationship become someone else’s dream too. How relationships are depicted online goes with the consumer culture that I have seen my whole life. Extravagant dates and expensive gifts, vacations and lots of cute pictures; relationship goals. What if this isn’t what makes your relationship? What if you don’t have the money for these diamond demands? What

Real Life

An Open Letter to Those Lacking in Self-Love

To whomever needs this, of any gender, age, sex, or color. You are beautiful. The very existence of human organisms in such a vast and diverse universe is far more beautiful than anyone gives it credit for. You are walking proof of evolution and advancement over time (even if evolution isn’t your thing, you can’t deny basic human development). So many cells worked so hard – reproducing, specializing, collecting into tissues and organs – just

Real Life

Point and Shoot: An Open Letter to Myself

You come from a gifted generation. Each day, you unwrap a stream of new presents, with all the urgency of a morning coffee fix. Your thumbs are always slightly bent from the effort, but your ego is well-massaged by 8 a.m. These daily gifts arrive in frantic bundles, ballooning from the corner of your cell phone screen. They are tiny and pink, bearing a heart with a number – a measurement of their ability to


Feminism, Fluidity and Finding Yourself: An Interview with Jennifer Weishaupt, Director of Girls Rock Athens

My hometown of Athens, Georgia, a blue dot amidst a sea of statewide conservatism, attracts attention for more than University of Georgia football — music is just as big here. Nationally-recognized names such as the B-52’s, REM, the Drive-by Truckers, of Montreal, Kishi Bashi, Monsoon, and Modern Skirts all call Athens home.  Girls Rock Camp Athens (GRA), a local nonprofit, combines the progressive environment of the Classic City with the vibrant music scene to offer

Feminism, Make Up & Hair

You Can’t Find Beauty in a Mascara Tube

I got acne when I was 9 years old. I’m 13 now and still have it. I don’t think people understand how much it affects me. I get bullied for it. People tell me “it’s not Halloween yet.” And “What’s wrong with you?” The comment above has 164 likes on YouTube. A ribbon of replies follow: ‘I can relate’, ‘I feel your pain’, ‘people can be so cruel’. New sob-stories swell by the hour, each


I Love Myself, And You Should Too

For all of middle and high school, I always felt small in comparison to my peers. I thought so highly of everyone else, but if I were asked to describe myself in a few words, I would use incredibly negative ones. I didn’t know the power of self-love or its worth. Going into college, I began to realize what I have to offer the world, and the only thing holding that back is myself. If

Real Life

An Open Letter For When You Feel Like You Aren’t Good Enough

If you have ever felt worthless in your life, if you have ever felt like you’re not good enough, then this article is for you. I’m here to say that you’re not alone. I know exactly how it feels to feel like you’re not one bit important. Too often, we forget that each and every one of is a unique individual, an individual who makes a difference in this world, even if it is the

Mental Health, Op-ed, Real Life

You’ve Heard it Before, But Never Compare Yourself to Others

Someone has probably told you this a million times. Whether you’ve seen it on your aunt’s Facebook or written inside cheesy advice columns, you are no stranger to it. Maybe you even roll your eyes or cringe at its presence, and you probably disregard its message since it constantly appears when you reach out to your parents for insight, or your friends for comfort. Although I might drive you into insanity by repeating the quote that your high school guidance

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