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The Pressures of Education in Europe and the U.S.

This week in my AP Spanish class, we talked about the differences between universities in Spanish-speaking countries versus the ones in North America. For example, campus life in Spanish universities practically doesn’t exist, as opposed to universities in the U.S. When choosing colleges, one of the main focuses for many seniors in high school is the campus. Is it big or small? Is it safe? How’s the social life on campus? In Portugal and all


I Don’t Want To Attend A College That Owned Slaves — A Black Girl’s College Anxiety

So finally, it has arrived. The famous senior year. This is the time of my life when I’m supposed to make “unforgettable memories,” the time I’m supposed to explore everything and do everything while I still have the chance, the time I’m supposed to wistfully look back on years from now as I recall the people I knew and person I once was. The year that is the culmination of the supposed “best  years of

Real Life

Dear Me, Get It Together: The Benefits Of Writing Letters To Yourself

Upon entering my first day of senior year, I expected to be bombarded with feelings of nostalgia as I inhaled the smell of teenage angst and linoleum for the last “first” time or at the very least a sense of melancholy reflection at the sight of the hallways teeming with freshmen half my size with backpacks twice as large. However, to my surprise, I didn’t feel any of these emotions; in fact, I didn’t feel

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4 Tips of Advice For Your Last Year of High School

Just like it does every year, summer flew by and school is close to being in session. I remember my first day of my last year in high school, I was so excited yet scared all at once. Excited because it’s senior year! Not only do you rule the school, but you have your prom, trips, and loads of senior activities coming up! However, it’s quite scary to be a senior because it’s your LAST year

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What to Do After You’ve Committed to College

If you’re currently a senior in high school you have probably spent the last few months worrying constantly about college decisions. You might have anxiously awaited that “Decision Notification” email or that “You’re The One That We Want!” flyer in your mailbox, hoping that your top choice school wants you. By now you’ve heard from all of your schools and are probably just deciding which one has made you the best offer and at which one

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How to Survive the Second Semester of Senior Year

Senior year of high school: you’ve either been there or you will be. This fact doesn’t make the last year of high school any easier though. Now that summer and graduation is near, it can be even harder to concentrate and end on a successful note. Senioritis may kick in more than ever, but there are ways to combat it! Here are 5 tips to help deal with senioritis in the second semester: 1. Spend time

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Why I Am Not Ready To Graduate High School

Over the span of twelve years, I’ve attended school hoping and praying for the day that I could finally leave what is referenced to as a hell-hole. In comparison though, the eight years leading up to entering high-school were nothing compared to the tedious, nerve-wracking, and monotonous experience the past four years were. You know those chick-flicks where the new girl enters high-school, and despite the fact that she has fights with her friends, and

Real Life

Lessons I learned After Getting Rejected From NYU

This time last year, I was one of the millions of high school seniors across the country that annually deal with the fears of the impending doom of post-high school life. What happens after graduation? Which college do I wanna go to? Do I want to go to college? Is this essay good enough? What if I get rejected? Do I have any assignments due tomorrow? Am I forgetting to do something? Did I eat

Real Life

Senior Year Fears: Leaving My Country for College

Senior year hits you with an array of emotions and responsibilities such as nostalgia, happiness, pride, joy, and most of all: stress. It creeps along from the back of your consciousness just as soon as you start uttering the words “I’m a senior in high school”. It’ll come as you study for your standardized tests, as you stress over which AP and IB courses you’ll take, and then, when you think he tide has dragged

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