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How to Survive the Second Semester of Senior Year

Senior year of high school: you’ve either been there or you will be. This fact doesn’t make the last year of high school any easier though. Now that summer and graduation is near, it can be even harder to concentrate and end on a successful note. Senioritis may kick in more than ever, but there are ways to combat it! Here are 5 tips to help deal with senioritis in the second semester: 1. Spend time

Real Life

Lessons I learned After Getting Rejected From NYU

This time last year, I was one of the millions of high school seniors across the country that annually deal with the fears of the impending doom of post-high school life. What happens after graduation? Which college do I wanna go to? Do I want to go to college? Is this essay good enough? What if I get rejected? Do I have any assignments due tomorrow? Am I forgetting to do something? Did I eat


An Open Letter to High School Seniors

It’s the day all seniors dread from the minute school lets out for summer two and a half months earlier. The day when part of our freedom is taken away from us. The freedom of late summer nights without a care in the world – gone; the freedom of clear minds with rested souls – gone. Now, we have the fear of inauspicious AP exams and college to worry about. Granted, some, if not most,

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