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Abstinence, Abortion Rates & America’s Disastrous Sex Education

Incomplete sex education programs don’t always lead to pregnancy or abortion. However, research shows these factors are highly correlated. In light of recent legislation passed in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri to essentially ban abortions and place harsh restrictions on women seeking to terminate their pregnancy, it is worth paying attention to the context that led us here. How our country’s conservative attitude towards sex and positive views of religion and family relates to the education

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“We Do Not Consent”: A Look Inside the Ontario High School Protests

In response to this viral photo, hundreds of schools across Ontario took part in a walk-out protest on Friday, September 21. In August, Ontario Premier Doug Ford decided to scrap the 2015 sex education curriculum in favor of a version identical to the one in 1998. As opposed to the 2015 curriculum, there will be no mention of sexting, staying safe online, or scientific names for genitalia. As well, there will be limited teachings about consent,


At Catholic Schools, Sex Ed Turns Into Shaming Young Girls

In my opinion, sex-ed is one of the most useful things which should be taught in school since kids reach puberty, and even earlier. But bad sexual education is worse than not receiving it at all; it indoctrinates young people with false, dangerous information that can have disastrous consequences. I had the misfortune of being taught sexual education in a workshop at the Catholic school I attended: it was two days filled with sexism, slut-shaming,


We Need Better Sex Education In Schools Now

Although nationwide teen pregnancy rates are decreasing,  249,078 babies were born to women ages 15 to 19 in the United States.  Sex education is the determining factor in decreasing teen pregnancies and decreasing sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Only 24 states in the United States legally require public schools to teach sex education and HIV education. Furthermore, only 20 states require that their sex education is medically, factually, or technically accurate. Personally, I attended a Catholic


Everything You Need to Know About IUDs

Safe sex should be every young person’s first thought when deciding to get physical with someone, whether you’re hooking up with someone that you met two hours ago at party (hey, no shame), or are about to christen your new bed with your boyfriend of three years. For us ladies who enjoy being intimate with guys, the nuances of birth control methods and possibility (even if seemingly incomprehensible) of pregnancy are frequently at the forefront of our


“My Lips Are Sealed” Has Just Adopted A Whole New Meaning

As someone who experiences having regular monthly periods, I always love finding new ways to manage that time of the month. Most of the time these new methods are nothing too out of the box, however, there is one new feminine hygiene product, soon to be out on the market, that has left me completely speechless. A Kansas-based chiropractic doctor named, Daniel Dopps, has recently started developing a new, highly problematic and potentially dangerous, feminine


Sex Work: The Two Way Street with the One Way Sign

Sex work is often treated like it’s a one woman (or man, go off either way) show. Sex workers are constantly shamed by people young and old for being whores and selling away their bodies but their customers are never shamed. It is known that presidents, ambassadors, representatives, governors, senators, secretaries, lawyers, doctors etc use escorts but nobody says anything about it. Men and women alike go to strip clubs for their bachelor and bachelorette


Sex-Ed In America Is Even Worse Than You Thought

Sex-ed can be a terrifying experience for any teenager in America. The awkwardness stemming from an adult saying the word “intercourse” is enough to make any self-respecting student run the other way. However, sex education in America is terrifying for more reasons than one. There is no question as to whether sex education in schools is a necessity. Ideally, programs would teach students how to use contraceptives, how to combat H.I.V. and S.T.I.s, teach basic


Dear Conservatives, Planned Parenthood Does A Lot More Than Abortions

With the constant attacks made against Planned Parenthood by the Republican Party and religious groups for their practice of abortions, people tend to lose sight of the countless other benefits the organization provides for women. In fact, only three percent of all of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions, yet it is what they are most well known for. Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, here are some reasons why all women should say, “Thank you, Planned


Donald Trump, Sex Ed, and the Future of Affordable Birth Control

I cried at the gynecologist. I never cry. Not when I fractured my ankle, not when my dad was in the hospital for a month, not even at my friend’s funeral. I never cry because I tell myself it is easier to be numb. But today I could not force myself to be numb. Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the cold metal arm touch my cervix. A year ago, I’m not

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