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Jean Purdy: The Forgotten Female Pioneer Snubbed Of IVF Breakthrough

In 1978, the late British nurse and embryologist Jean Purdy, along with physiologist Robert Edwards and gynecologist Patrick Steptoe, became the first in the world to achieve in vitro fertilization, an artificial procedure where a sperm makes contact with an egg, outside the womb. This first successful attempt at IVF lead to the birth of Louise Brown, the first human to ever be conceived by artificial reproduction. Being the first person to recognize and describe


In Sexism’s Pocket: What’s Up With Women’s Pants?

Watching my girlfriend struggle to hold on to her phone while putting on her backpack, I didn’t hesitate to ask: “Why don’t you just put it in your pocket?” Needless to say, this kicked off a very educational discourse about pockets that didn’t end until she got on the bus home, phone still in hand. I was aware that this was a recurring theme in women’s clothing (full disclosure: I’m a cis guy), but I


ConnectHear: A Hope For The Deaf Community

ConnectHear is the vision of three young leaders and activists from Pakistan. They use the very thing that “intimidates” most people as a way to empower the hearing-impaired individuals and as a purpose to bridge the communication gap between the deaf community and the society and bring them together as one. Their soon-to-be-released tech gives the idea of using sign language interpretation services to spread awareness and bring forth initiatives that allow hearing-impaired individuals to

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Harvey Weinstein Released on $1M Bail Over Rape and Sexual Abuse Charges

Over and above 80 women have stepped forward with allegations of sexual harassment and criminal sexual assaults against Harvey Weinstein around the globe following explosive revelations in The New Yorker and The New York Times last fall, which included countless models and actresses and other illustrious figures, but a mass of the confrontations took place way back for it to get any trial today. Some of the victims are actresses, like Rose McGowan, who said Harvey Weinstein raped her back


An Interview With Rachel Dodson: The Founder Of A Jewelry Company Dedicated To Helping At-Risk Cambodian Women

One look at Penh Lenh jewelry and you know it’s something special. But for some, it’s more than a collection of colorful, vibrant jewelry, it’s a life-saver. Penh Lenh is a jewelry brand dedicated to funding opportunities in education and the work field for at-risk Cambodian women. 100% of all sales are returned immediately to the organization and help improve the lives of the artisans women who create the pieces. Affinity sat down with the


At Catholic Schools, Sex Ed Turns Into Shaming Young Girls

In my opinion, sex-ed is one of the most useful things which should be taught in school since kids reach puberty, and even earlier. But bad sexual education is worse than not receiving it at all; it indoctrinates young people with false, dangerous information that can have disastrous consequences. I had the misfortune of being taught sexual education in a workshop at the Catholic school I attended: it was two days filled with sexism, slut-shaming,


Why The #MeToo Movement Is So Important To South Korea

The word feminism became the word of the year following the incredible acts of women around the world, and in October 2017, prominent women in the entertainment industry came out with their own stories and became major supporters of women who have experienced sexual abuse. The #MeToo Movement has sparked important discussions about the hardships for women globally, and in South Korea has allowed women who previously felt like they did not have a voice to express their hardships.


My Male Friends Only Want To Talk Feminism When It’s About Hitting A Woman Back

Why is it that my male friends only care about feminism and equality when it’s about hitting a woman? It’s always ‘Well if you want equality men should be able to hit women’, first of all, I said I wanted equality, not violence. Feminism; the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, to men is nothing more than women growing out their armpit hair and burning their bras. These are statements as part of


Cornell Fraternity Put On Probation Over “Pig Roast” Contest Targeting Overweight Women

Cornell’s Zeta Beta Tau fraternity has been put on a two-year probation for a contest where pledges earned points for having sex with overweight women. The contest was called a “pig roast”, and if there was a tie, the winner was whoever had slept with the heaviest woman. The women were not informed about the game. According to the university report, the challenge took place in 2017, but it is unclear how long the contest

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