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Why We Still Need Social Justice

It’s almost 2019, and with all the progress that has been made towards representation, equality, and human rights, some people (namely those who are white, straight and/or cis) have been wondering whether or not the fight for social justice is even necessary anymore in the U.S. While it’s true that America has come a long way, even in the last half century, we are still far from the finish line of a society where everyone


Why “It’s A Very Scary Time” For Cis-Het White Men

In the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings and eventual judicial confirmation to the United States Supreme Court, America has been left with many mingling emotions. However, the dominant and most concerning feeling, according to President Trump, is fear. Which is undoubtedly a strange and terrible new sensation for cisgender heterosexual white men. It’s evident that our country’s biggest issue isn’t men being chauvinists and rapists. No, the problem is women degrading the character of men


Here’s Why Justin Trudeau’s Response To Groping Allegations Should Be How Everyone Else Responds To Theirs

While the report of the groping incident was first published on a British Columbian community newspaper, the allegations that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had inappropriately groped a young reporter back in a music festival only came to light 18 years later. This incident occurred before Trudeau stepped into the politics field and was still working a humble job as a math teacher in Vancouver. The woman believed to be the anonymous reporter has not permitted

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Harvey Weinstein Released on $1M Bail Over Rape and Sexual Abuse Charges

Over and above 80 women have stepped forward with allegations of sexual harassment and criminal sexual assaults against Harvey Weinstein around the globe following explosive revelations in The New Yorker and The New York Times last fall, which included countless models and actresses and other illustrious figures, but a mass of the confrontations took place way back for it to get any trial today. Some of the victims are actresses, like Rose McGowan, who said Harvey Weinstein raped her back


Why The #MeToo Movement Is So Important To South Korea

The word feminism became the word of the year following the incredible acts of women around the world, and in October 2017, prominent women in the entertainment industry came out with their own stories and became major supporters of women who have experienced sexual abuse. The #MeToo Movement has sparked important discussions about the hardships for women globally, and in South Korea has allowed women who previously felt like they did not have a voice to express their hardships.

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Father of Three Gymnasts Charges at Larry Nassar in Court

Larry Nassar has pleaded guilty to abusing ten girls since his trial began, but is accused by over 250 more. Over the course of these past few months, Nassar has heard numerous accounts of sexual assault from U.S. gymnasts from those who were simply seeking treatment for an injury, to those who competed in the Olympic Games, such as Aly Raisman. He has been forced to hear these women speak their truths about what he

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Why Movements Like #MeToo Are Needed in Churches

Over the past year, there has been a social shift that allows victims of sexual assault to be able to tell their stories of abuse, without being blamed for the traumatic experiences. Thanks to many international campaigns against rape and sexual abuse, each and every day, we hear stories of men and women of different backgrounds express their pain they have experienced at the hands of their abuser(s). From the streets of Hollywood to waitresses


Why Twitter Feels Unsafe for Survivors

With the momentum of the Me Too movement, everyone has been talking about sexual assault on social media. As a survivor myself, I was hoping that it would be a productive, validating discussion. It is not. There have always been comments blaming the victim, such as “She shouldn’t have led him on” people, but I have never seen as many people flat out deny someone’s traumatizing experience as I have recently, and it is absolutely


Simone Biles Opens Up About Being Sexually Assaulted by Team USA Doctor

Simone Biles recently posted on her Twitter about being sexually abused by the former Team USA doctor, Larry Nassar. In her statement, Simone struggles to put into words the horrific situation she had to go through. She talked about her reluctance to reveal her story, wondering whether it was her fault and how despite having to go back to the same facility to train for Tokyo 2020, she will not “let one man, and the others that


#TimesUpNow: What You Can Do To Make It a Movement, Not a Moment

Initially, many were peeved – and with reason – about Hollywood actors and actresses banding together to wear black to what was already a black-tie event, the Golden Globes, to fight against sexual assault in the entertainment industry. Following the empowerment provided to sexual assault survivors by the #MeToo movement, it seemed like a rather lame gesture; however, what initially seemed to be a weak attempt at celebrity activism transformed into an actual movement for

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