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A Step Forward for Women and Minority Representation as Halimah Yacob is Appointed President of Singapore

It was Thursday evening (Sept. 14) when the inauguration ceremony for Singapore’s first female President was held. The grand State Room of the Istana was silenced by this solemn moment as 63-year-old Halimah Yacob inked her signature after she took the oath to mark the start of her six-year term. And it was official; Singapore has sworn in its first Female Malay President — a monumental ceremony that will go down in history as the


Domestic Workers in Singapore and Hong Kong Cry For Better Working Conditions

The privilege of employing domestic helpers is a reality that is not reserved for the wealthy in Singapore and Hong Kong. Foreign domestic workers (FDWs), most of whom come from the Philippines or Indonesia, are hired to carry out household duties such as laundry, cooking, cleaning and sometimes even taking care of the children/elderly in the house. For many families, these maids become a part of the family themselves, like an adopted relative. They work for the


Child Suicide Rates Are Going Up in Singapore – Why?

In wake of the recent PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) results that had been announced a few days ago, the internet has taken to reviving the memes and jabs (yes, all that for an exam taken by twelve-year-olds) surrounding the overblown importance of the examination—and rightly so. The PSLE examinations, taken by students in their sixth year of schooling at the end of their ‘primary school’ education, determines the next school these twelve-year-olds will end up studying in. That

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