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Why We Still Need Social Justice

It’s almost 2019, and with all the progress that has been made towards representation, equality, and human rights, some people (namely those who are white, straight and/or cis) have been wondering whether or not the fight for social justice is even necessary anymore in the U.S. While it’s true that America has come a long way, even in the last half century, we are still far from the finish line of a society where everyone


Privilege of Social Justice Access: The Flaws of Modern Activism

In Michael B. Jordan’s interview with Vanity Fair for their November 2018 edition, he claimed that it’s difficult for people to think beyond slavery when they look at Black people because “we don’t have any mythology, black mythology, or folklore.” His statements seemed to come from a place of good intentions, and his point was about getting more Black people’s stories to be told in Hollywood, but the delivery of his message was lost on


Why The World Wants #JusticeForNoura

It’s heartbreaking to think that we live in a world which sentences a teenage girl to death because she killed her rapist husband; this is the story of Noura Hussein, a 19-year-old Sudanese girl that is facing, in these days, the terrible sentence the court has given her, hoping that there will be changes and that she will decide her own fate. Noura was forced into child marriage, an issue that is still, sadly, common


I’m White In An Arab Country And I’m Sick Of The Islamophobia

Dear Islamophobes, I’m a Westerner living in an Arab country and I’m sick of the ignorance. Spending my most intense teenage years split between Italy and the Middle East meant that every year that passed, I felt closer to the international vibe of Dubai and more distant from the typical Italian life that was once part of my routine. One thing that, in particular, I experienced a lot and started bothering me more and more


The Friendzone Doesn’t Exist — She Just Wasn’t Interested

She led you on. She isn’t into nice guys. She doesn’t appreciate you. She doesn’t know what’s best for her. Boys. Listen. I’m sure you have good intentions, but the fact of the matter is that she isn’t doing anything wrong. This mythical ‘Friendzone’ you all complain about? It’s not a thing. A large portion of popular culture has a tendency to romanticize this issue, depicting the Slighted Male as the protagonist, a constantly dismissed source of comfort


To the Young, Black and Smart: You Are Not the Anomaly

During my second semester of high school, I made a routine visit to my white female guidance counselor to select courses for the following semester, as usual, she began by looking at my grades over the past year. Surprisingly (but not unexpectedly) I was met with a “Wow. Good. VERY good, actually” in reference to my marks. I returned her rather rude reaction with a smile – since, apparently that’s a compliment and that’s how

Students hollding up placards with the names of various countries. Behind them is a collection of flags.
Real Life

5 Ways Model U.N. Helps You Be a Better Activist

Model United Nations (MUN) or as I prefer to call it, “role-playing for nerds”, is a surprisingly good way to improve your ability to engage in social issues. Before we jump into the reasons, allow me to explain what MUN is. MUN is an extracurricular activity where students simulate United Nations meeting and attempt to write resolutions on their assigned issue. Resolutions are papers which suggest solutions and are voted on by committees; I find


‘We Are People’ Strives to Unify Through Storytelling

Launched in early 2017, Haley Sulich’s We Are People strives to promote unity, understanding, and cultural competency through the means of storytelling. In the words of Haley Sulich, “Our goal is to collect a variety of stories in order to eliminate the boundaries of society that separate people. This project is a way to show people that everyone is in fact a living, breathing person like everyone else, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexuality, etc.”. As we have


Are You Practicing Performative Allyship?

Dear white people, this one’s for you. To those of you who claim to be anti-racist, and to those who claim to support people of color, I’m curious as to how. When people of color share their firsthand accounts of racism, or even when you yourself share stories of racism you’ve been witness to, do you proudly state, “Man, I hate white people”? You should know that this performative allyship does nothing for us. Distancing


Corruption in the Movement Against Corruption: Exposing “Trendy” Feminism

This year, a new student from San Antonio, Texas moved to my overcrowded, underfunded high school. Let’s call her Carrie. The first day Carrie walked into second-period Honors English class, she dropped her Michael Kors purse on the carpet, plucked a stray mahogany curl from her flower crown, looked around the room, sighed, and slumped in her desk. She wouldn’t look up from her iPhone that period. The purpose of our English unit that semester

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