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The Dark Side To Coffee Production

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily — it’s simple to just buy it from our local Starbucks. It may seem easy for us but it certainly isn’t for coffee farmers in countries like Ethiopia and Brazil, where they are being exploited. With the global population demanding more of this famous beverage, these farmers are more susceptible to the violation of their human rights. Higher demand for coffee equates to foreign businesses employing


Starbucks to Open First American Signing Store in D.C.

Nearly two months after Starbucks closed its doors nationwide for a mandatory racial bias training, Fortune’s “third most admired company”announced the establishment of its first American signing store. Opening in early October, the signing store will be comprised of 20 to 25 employees fluent in American Sign Language and will be located at 6th and H Street in Washington, D.C., near Gaulladet University. Inspired by the success of Starbucks’ first signing store worldwide, which was

Real Life

Coffee: America’s Favorite Drug

While browsing through social media nowadays, one is almost sure to encounter the typical pictures portraying a study set of some sort. Any ad or invite is decorated with hipster-looking coffee mugs next to a small laptop and some stacks of paper. This portrays the modern image of how our lives are supposed to be: Filled with work and a cute little coffee mug at our side. The question is, why and when did coffee

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