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Being A Transgender Student In 2019: Compromise of Government and LGBT Community

The moves that my school has made provides a starting point for discussions about transgender students, and the unique issues we face when approaching college. While I am forever grateful to be able to avoid being deadnamed in my school system, I can’t help but feel as if a plan must be put into place providing school systems with the proper limits, boundaries, and resources to create an environment that’ll allow us to succeed like our peers. Performing at the best possible level is the only thing a student...


Work Smart, Not Hard: Why We Need to Stop Glamorizing Lives Centered Around Studying

When I celebrated the completion of my homework on a regular Friday night, I savored the pleasure it brought me to finally whip out my phone and go to YouTube. As I scrolled and tapped my way through various sections on the app (trending, new music, watch later to name a few) I came across the most peculiar video within my recommended. The video, titled, Study with Me || 14 Hour Study Day, immediately rose

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Here’s What You Should Know Before Reporting On Suicide

According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die due to suicide annually. What’s saddening to note is that suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst 15-24-year-olds. Given these statistics, it is evident that the media has a tremendous role to play in reporting such issues. Unfortunately, the way in which news media handles such reporting is sensationalistic and often forsakes the ethics of journalism. It is common consensus that the irresponsible reporting

Mental Health

Losing a Child to Suicide Can Have Devastating Effects for Parents

The suicide of a loved one hits unexpectedly and there is no way anyone could be ready for it. The signs are nearly impossible to see, it can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. In most situations, it is a big shock for family members and close friends. Suicide is something people think will never happen to someone they love. Losing someone to suicide is unimaginable. It is a traumatic experience that can have lasting impacts.

Mental Health

Suicide Isn’t Selfish, But Centering Yourself in Suicide Narratives Is

Image: Indian Ruminations Content warning: suicide, depression, self-harm In 2016, I attempted suicide. Not just once or twice, but it became an ongoing struggle. I would stand in the shower, right under the shower head, and hold my breath for as long as I could as water poured over me. For me, suicide wasn’t a gun or a knife or jumping off a building. It was a slow, never-ending pain that, when I eventually pulled away

Mental Health

What It’s Like After a Loved One’s Suicide

There are certain moments in your life that, even in the moment itself, you know will forever define you as a person. These moments often come without warning, but you’re conscious of their significance as well as their fragility. You don’t get the luxury of a pause button, but you also don’t realize the expansive amount of time you have to take in the moment itself until you’ve spent it. You feel the pressure of

Mental Health

23-Year-Old Dies By Suicide and Leaves Behind Tapes Likely Inspired by ’13 Reasons Why’, Proving the Negative Effects of the Show on Young People

23-year-old Franco Alonso Lazo Medrano of Peru died by suicide this week after jumping from the fourth floor of his apartment building, leaving behind two letters for his loved ones. One letter provided a list of people for whom he had left audio recordings on his computer explaining how they had led him to end his life. While the way he killed himself doesn’t reflect the graphic suicide depicted in the enormously popular “13 Reasons


The Suicide of an Uber Engineer May Have Been Caused by Corporate Racism

Last April, news broke about a wife who tried to sue Uber for “killing” her husband — Joseph Thomas’ wife blamed Uber for its unsupportive job environment that led to his suicide in August 2016. Originally from Atlanta, Thomas taught himself how to properly operate the computer, eventually gaining the recognition as a computer engineer. Attracted by the $170,000 salary, Thomas decided to leave his former job (a site engineer at Linkedin), to become a software engineer at

Mental Health

Stop Telling Suicidal People They Are Selfish

CW: this article will touch on subjects that may be triggering for some people. Please, if you know the following content could have any kind of negative impact on you, read with extreme caution or not at all.   In light of the release of Netflix’s new original series “13 Reasons Why”, many people seem to be taking suicide and its prevention way more seriously than before (because, apparently, the growing suicide rates weren’t enough).

Real Life

Mental Illness Is Misunderstood All Over The World

Growing up, the concept of a mental illness was always either romanticized, criticized or both. You’re given the idea that a mental illness is beautifully flawed and easily lost when handled a particular way. Take movies like Silver Linings Playbook, Wrist Cutters: A Love Story, It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, The Art Of Getting By, and According To Greta. All of these books/movies have the misconception that mental illnesses are cute and funny and that there’s always going to be a

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