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Healthy Phone Habits for the New School Year

As much as we hate to admit it, our phone addictions are getting in the way of our productivity. Phone use is becoming more and more ubiquitous, with teens spending almost 9 hours every day consuming media. I will often find myself unconsciously reaching for my phone and opening up Instagram – falling into the rabbit hole of mindlessly scrolling – a problem I’m sure many others experience too. The mindless scrolling and constant notifications

Mental Health

Putting Tech On Hold: There’s More To Life Than Mobile Phones

Nails tapping away on a silver screen. Tick-tack-tick. Every character typed out is armed, every second a message is left open is an ethereal bullet. In public, we feel the need to constantly document and expose each moment of our lives, each trip out, each encounter with someone else, but only if it’s something positive. Online, there’s the sense that we have to look happy all the time and if cracks start to show and we aren’t feeling


A Message to Teachers: Comfort is Key

Schools across America are beginning to implement technology into their curriculum. Despite the idea that technology is ruining the classroom setting, the benefits outweigh the problems caused. Students will be more comfortable with assignments and will be more motivated to complete them; also, the options for learning expand when technology is utilized in the classroom. Teenagers have a reputation of being attached to their cell phones; this is partially due to the fact that 82%

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