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To Parents of Depressed Children

Having a child who is suffering from a mental illness can be worrying, tiring, and stressful — especially if they’re a teenager since their feelings are already all over the place. Most of the time, your child won’t tell you what is wrong, why they had a bad day, or why they’re sobbing in their bedrooms in the dark. That doesn’t mean they don’t want you to help or even be around them. Here are

Real Life

5 Ways to Make Money This Summer As A Teenager

I’m sure we’ve all heard our parents jokingly ask us, “Why don’t you get a job?”  Especially when we ask them to buy us stuff or give us cash. And we all know that the birthday and holiday money our relatives give us doesn’t last forever. So what do we do if we are tired of having to go through our parents and relatives to get money? The answer: We have to find a source

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The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

True friendship is very rare. So many people put on this fake persona as your best friend, but the minute you turn your back, they’re talking about you. It’s easy to get distracted by someone who’s hiding who they truly are. High school tends to show you people’s true colors. Even the people you thought were the most trustworthy turn out to be quite the opposite. Dealing with fake and toxic friends is something most

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Grandparents Killed by Teenage Granddaughter And Her Boyfriend

17-year-old Cassandra Bjorge and boyfriend Johnny Ryder (19 years old) were arrested Sunday 9, 2017 for the murder of Bjorge’s grandparents. After family reported not hearing from Randall and Wendy Bjorge for a week, the Gwinnett County Police decided to conduct a wellness check up. Due to respect for the privacy of the residents, the police did not force an entry after no one responded to the door. After Ryder’s sister and her boyfriend claimed to

Real Life

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1: The Invisible Killer

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 (let’s make this easier and call it DT1), is an illness in which the pancreas creates no insulin, causing high levels of sugar in the blood (BG levels), migraines, high ketone levels and possible comatose or death. The cause of DT1 is currently unknown, but it is suspected to be genetic, or due to stress. Approximately 1.25 million American children and adults have type 1 diabetes. DT1 is usually diagnosed before the age of 40, and

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