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Why Does The West Continue To Ignore the Growing Threat Of African Terrorism?

When many people think of terrorism, there are often racist and Islamophobic connotations associated with it. The current and common depiction of a terrorist usually involves a vest with dynamite strapped to a brown man with a headdress of sorts, a grotesque bastardization of Islamic culture. It should go without saying that there are a plethora of reasons as to why associating terrorism with certain ethnicities and religions is problematic, and yet the stereotype still


Why It Bothers Latinos When Americans Call Their Country America

The name “America” is based on the Latin version of Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci’s (Américo Vespucio in Spanish) first name. For a very long time, the term “American” referred to native people from the “New World” – America, or the Americas. Nevertheless, nowadays it’s just used to talk about United States citizens. Why? There’s not a clear explanation for that, since it’s probably a combination of many factors. My guess: there’s not a word in

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