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Things That Should Worry You More Than Sharing A Bathroom With A Trans Person

Content Warning for Rape/Sexual Assault, Violence, Child abuse Some people make it seem as if sharing a public restroom with a person who just happens to be transgender is one of the worst things that could ever occur. In reality, there are many things that should take precedence over stressing about a transgender person using the same bathroom as you. The presence of disease carrying germs: Ever heard of getting Ebola from a public restroom? It’s


The Sexualization of Discrimination

  *Trigger Warning* This picture above via pornhub.com/insights shows the porn categroies viewed more often in each state compared to other states. Why are statistics on porn relevant? Well, they actually say a lot about what (or who) people in different regions in the U.S. choose to sexualize. For example, a lot of Southern states have a much larger percentage of gay porn viewers compared to Northern states. This is important to point out, especially


A Letter To My Closeted Self

Dear Closeted Me, I know what you’re going through right now, and I know it’s very hard. You’re terrified, you’re angry, you hate yourself. You spend your days wondering : “What if they don’t accept me ? What if they reject me and I’m left all by myself ?” You’re not sure how long you can do this. You’re so sick of this burden, you’re tired of hiding who you truly are. You want to


Canada is Proposing a New Bill – And It Is Long Overdue

On Tuesday, May 10th, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould introduced a bill to alter the Criminal Code and extend the protection of the Canadian Human Rights Act to gender identity.  While this, especially in light of the recent bathroom controversy going on in the United States (see here), is an incredible progressive step, it is long overdue. For starters, transgender people have existed all through time.  In the Middle Ages, they were viewed as possessors of

Congresswoman of the First District of Bataan
Asia, LGBT+

Making History: The Philippines’ First Trans Politician

While every corner of the internet has seen discussion regarding the upcoming presidential elections of the United States, another national election on the other side of the world is coming to a close. The Philippines, home to a good 102 million people, now await the final results of the much-publicized race. In addition to electing the new president, vice-president, and senate members, citizens also cast their votes for their local representatives, such as mayor, vice-mayor,

LGBT+, Politics

The Bathroom Ban- It’s Not About Safety

  The North Carolina General Assembly recently passed the controversial House Bill 2, which has sparked a firestorm of debate across the country from both conservative and progressive groups. The bill prevents transgender people from using bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity and aims at reversing LGBT anti-discrimination bills passed by local governments within the Tar Heel State. Conservative groups and politicians like North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory adamantly support the bill citing that the


My Journey to Be Comfortable in My Body

I’m Yoruba, a member of one of Nigeria’s three main ethnic groups. My rich and diverse culture incorporates symbolic dances, beautiful music and elaborate clothing into its private and public ceremonies. Like in all societies, there are certain unspoken rules that all Yoruba people follow. You must kneel to greet elders, use your right hand to give objects to those older than you, and never look an adult in the eye. These can be slightly

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