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A Note To Trump: Trans People #WontBeErased

Trans Lifeline:  877-565-8860 I GLBT National Help Center: 1-888-843-4564 In their latest attempt not to discriminate against women under Title IX, the Trump administration has decided to institute a legal and fixed definition of gender, which in turn discriminates against transgender people. (Nailed it.) For those who don’t know what Title IX is, it’s a law under the Education Amendments Act of 1972 that basically says no federally-funded institution can deny someone from participating in

Hannah and Jake Graf. Credit: Paul Grace.

Newly-Weds Fight Back With Kindness After Transphobic Headline Slur

Newly-weds Hannah Rose, née Winterbourne, and Jake Graf were met by the transphobic headline ‘Tran and Wife’ from The Sun newspaper following their recent marriage. The controversial front-page headline on March 27 was followed with a stunning article written by Emma Pietras regarding the recent marriage of transgender couple, Hannah, 31, and Jake, 40. The sub-heading on the U.K’s national newspaper also caused outrage, featuring the words ‘Jake who used to be a woman weds


The Transgender Military Ban Has Been Delayed

In June 2016, Obama allowed transgender people already in the military to serve openly, and openly transgender people to apply. A one-year deadline was set for the military to begin accepting trans troops; this was then extended to begin on Jan. 1, 2018. On July 26th, 2017, Trump tweeted in two parts, “….Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot


Dear TERFs: Trans People Don’t Want to Sleep With You

Trigger warning: r*pe, sexual assault, sexual violence Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism / Feminists (or TERF) is the type of feminism we all like to pretend isn’t there, and for good reason. Any conversation with a TERF will tell you that there isn’t really any logic or facts to it: they just want to oppress trans people (specifically trans women), under the guise of protecting “real women.” To them, trans women are invading what it really means


There’s No Such Thing as Cisphobia, You’re Just Being Immature

Image: Morgan Potts Are you tired of those darn mentally ill transtrenders talking about transphobia all the time? Or perhaps you hate the fact that you can’t openly say that you think all transgenders should be killed, without receiving backlash? Would you even go as far as saying that living in this world as a cisgender person is so hard, and that cisphobia is real? If you said yes to those three things, you’ve come


Yes, Straight People Belong at Pride Because Sexuality Isn’t the Only Thing That Makes You LGBT+

Content warning: use of the slur “queer.” As most people are aware, June is LGBTQIA+ Pride month. Everyone in our community has been doing such a great job of providing a really welcoming space for celebration and, as the name suggests, pride. I am especially proud to be a gay and trans person this month. However, there have also been quite a few instances where our community hasn’t been that welcoming. This month is mostly


Dear Cis People: Stop Centering Yourselves in Conversations About Trans Issues

Recently, white feminist Laci Green was “red pilled” and has decided to engage with and give a platform to anti-feminist YouTube. This doesn’t surprise me, granted she is incredibly privileged as a white, cisgender, able-bodied woman. However, one of the things she has been doing is having discussions about trans issues without trans people. In fact, it’s quite common these days for much trans discourse to be dominated by people who have absolutely no idea

A colourised image of a cell under a microscope
Real Life

No, Science Isn’t Unaffected By Society

It’s a popularly held belief that science is pure, logical, and uninfluenced by society. Arguments and misunderstandings on the internet often start with accusations of being unscientific. This has become increasingly relevant after the circulation of fake scientific “proof” that chromosomes are equated to sex/gender from a video by Bill Nye. Alt-Right transphobes circulated an image of Bill Nye allegedly saying “Gender is decided by your chromosomes”. It has been proven that this is NOT what he


Tips For Managing Dysphoria

Being transgender is different and unique for all of us. Some of us have experiences with gender dysphoria, a sense of distress when we feeling invalid in our gender (often in regard to the gender we were assigned at birth), while many of us don’t. We are just as valid whether or not dysphoria is something we come across in our lives. Dysphoria was never something I thought I would experience. While I knew on some level


Transphobia In The Gay Community And Why It Needs To Stop

The term ‘LGBT community’ didn’t come into popular circulation until the 1990s. Up until that point, everybody who fell under that umbrella would be referred to as a ‘part of the gay community’. It was, rightly, changed to be more inclusive. However, transgender people have always been the ‘black sheep’ of the community and this is something that desperately needs to change. 40% of transgender people have attempted to commit suicide.  That staggering figure is

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