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Unpopular Opinion: The Politically Correct Are Nicer People

In recent years, unlikely experts from all across the U.S., including professors, psychologists and various authors, have gotten up on their high horses to preach the dangers of a phenomenon they call being “politically correct,” or PC. These groups of conservatives, moderates, and even select liberals assert that the largest issue plaguing America and its universities today is Millennial and Gen-Z college students calling for academic censorship, punishment for microaggressions, and endangering the freedom of

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PSA: ’13 Reasons Why’ Comes With Major Triggers

Trigger warnings for this article: rape, suicide, abuse. This article also contains spoilers for the series.  The highly anticipated Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, finally debuted Friday, March 31. The series follows the aftermath of the suicide of a local high school student, Hannah Baker. Her classmate Clay Jenkins receives a set of tapes a few days after. The tapes, recorded by Hannah, describe the 13 reasons why she decided to kill herself. Each reason


If You’re Anti-Safe Space, Then You’re Pro-Bigot

The other day, the University of Chicago sent a letter out to incoming freshman telling them that the school does not support “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces”. Many conservatives, and some liberals, applauded this decision as it defied the trend of schools becoming oversensitive and coddling their students rather than challenging their minds and beliefs. One teeny tiny itsy bitsy problem with that though: that’s not what trigger warnings and safe spaces do. People seem

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In Defense of Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings

By now you’ve probably heard of the University of Chicago’s controversial decree: they passionately object to the idea of safe spaces and trigger warnings, refusing to give them any place on campus. Why? Supposedly such things stifle “freedom of expression and inquiry.” I expected the U of Chicago, a world class institution, to practice a little more intellectual honesty before so proudly sending out a declaration. This move doesn’t guarantee academic liberty. If anything, it’s

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