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Unpopular Opinion: The Politically Correct Are Nicer People

In recent years, unlikely experts from all across the U.S., including professors, psychologists and various authors, have gotten up on their high horses to preach the dangers of a phenomenon they call being “politically correct,” or PC. These groups of conservatives, moderates, and even select liberals assert that the largest issue plaguing America and its universities today is Millennial and Gen-Z college students calling for academic censorship, punishment for microaggressions, and endangering the freedom of

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3 Degrees That Will Enable You To Make A Difference In The World

Firstly, it is important to mention that your academic success isn’t an indicator to your worth and you don’t need a degree or a diploma to make a difference in your community or to the world. However, if at any point in your life you decide to get a degree that will give you valuable knowledge about the world and how to make a positive impact on it, the following is a list of three

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