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Trump Accuses Democrats Of “Doing Nothing About DACA”

Donald Trump tweeted on February 1, 2018, stating, “March 5th is rapidly approaching and the Democrats are doing nothing about DACA. They Resist, Blame, Complain and Obstruct – and do nothing. Start pushing Nancy Pelosi and the Dems to work out a DACA fix, NOW!” March 5, 2018, is the deadline that is set for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, better known as the DACA program. If you’d like more information on what


Danica Roem: Inclusiveness Is the Only Answer When It Comes to Politics

A ten-year-old transgender girl once got severely bullied at school; she tried to jump out of a two-storey window. One day, she saw Danica Roem on the news and thought: “How can a transgender do such things, regardless of all the struggles? Well then, if Danica can do that, I can do that too”. Who is Danica Roem, really? Two days ago, I saw this picture on Twitter which showed Danica kneeling and crying after she


The Mandalay Bay Shooter Is a Terrorist And Should Be Treated as One Regardless of His Skin Tone

Bullets were catapulted into the crowd, with the intention of taking lives. Innocent people who were just pawns in the bigger game were running, cowering, covering their heads. Anguished screams resounded through the night air. Empty beer bottles and blood were staining the carpet on the floor. These were the events that unfolded last night at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. A 64-year-old man opened gunfire on 22,000 attendees of Route 91 Harvest country


Has the American Government Been Aiding Saudi Arabia’s War Crimes in Yemen?

Saudi Arabia and the United States have a relationship that stretches back almost a century, since the 1933 kick-off of oil exploration in the kingdom. However, no physical support or intervention happened until the 1940s, when oil companies urged Washington to establish some form of relationship with Saudi Arabia — through political and defence influence. Consequently, Franklin D. Roosevelt stated that the defence of Saudi Arabia was very important to the US, which led to the construction


Anti-U.S. Messages Promoted in North Korean Children Cartoons

The tension between North Korea and the USA is becoming more and more apparent as time goes on. With the promise of “fire and fury” from Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s threatened missile strike on Guam, it isn’t hard to see why. As most people have realised, North Korea isn’t a pleasant or just place to reside. Once you take into account the lack of electricity, water, heating, etc. that most of the population experience,


Trumps Silence Towards the Minnesota Mosque Bombing Further Solidifies His Underlying Islamophobia

Last Saturday, a homemade explosive device detonated in a Mosque in Minnesota, but, thankfully, no one was badly injured. Following the blatant hate crime, the Minnesota governor condemned the attack and rightfully labeled it an “act of terrorism”. However, the apparent President of the United States has yet to condemn nor speak on the attack. Although Trump has remained silent, the rest of the White House has not, with Trump’s deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka attempting to


Should the World Be Worried About North Korea?

In recent months, North Korea has made no secret about their capacity to bring annihilation to both U.S. and South Korea. Hearing this news, as a Californian especially, caused me to first react in fear. The U.S. has not come out with a solid plan on how we plan to defend ourselves in the case of a nuclear attack, neither do we seem to have the technology to detect the nuclear missile and disable it.


The Future of Multiracial America

Racial identity in this country has been a historically controversial and confusing topic. From the beginning of colonialism in North America to the present, multiracial people have made up significant numbers within the population of the country. Today, in the year 2017, the number of Americans identifying as one or more races totals over 9 million. So why has the option of legally identifying as more than one race only been available since 2000? Why


Marijuana To Be Legalized In Canada by July 1, 2018

The legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical usage has been a recurring hot topic globally for years. From the hippies and free thinkers of the new age in the 70s to people nowadays- consumption of marijuana and the THC it contains that gets the user high is almost normalized, in some places more than others. While only a handful of U.S. states have medical marijuana legalized, an even smaller amount (just 8 out


Trump’s 60-Day Gallup Poll Approval Rating is 40% Lower Than America’s Most Liberal President’s Approval Rating

While I’d like to say I was surprised by the fact that the President of the United States is only approved by 37% of the American people in his first 60 days, I’m not. Not even in the slightest. Since Donald Trump initially began his presidential campaign, many disliked the man and his views. Some even thought it was a joke. Flash forward to March 2017, and Trump’s beaten out the first female presidential nominee

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