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Venezuelan Socialism: A Humanitarian Crisis

Socialism. The Democratic, left-wing, millennial dream. As defined by Britannica, the “social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources.” For Karl Marx, socialism was the segue into what he believed to be the ultimate stage of Utopian society: communism. Around the world, there are many forms of socialism in practice. Most countries don’t operate under socialism alone, but rather incorporate parts of it into


Venezuelans to Vote for Regional Governors on Sunday

On October 15th 2017, more than eighteen-million Venezuelans have the right to vote for twenty-three regional governors. This Sunday’s election was supposed to take place on the tenth of December, but was instead changed to the fifteenth of October by the Constituent Assembly, who had gained diplomatic powers in August. President Nicolás Maduro Moros demanded that the governors that are to be elected must acknowledge and swear by the same Constituent Assembly. “A governor who is not


One Day Until Venezuela Adopts a New Constitution

1. The Balance: 120 days of resistance. More than 96 people killed of which more than 12 were minors. Most victims are 19 years old or younger. 15.000 hurt, 6 missing, 4072 arrested for protesting, 444 political prisoners (including majors, activists, the new members of the supreme court, etc.). 479 were presented before a military court while being civilians.  As told by Lilian Tintori, leader of the opposition, wife of Leopoldo Lopez. 2. The Great Fraud:


How One News Network In Venezuela Is Combating Censorship

Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, has been filled with protests, fights, violence and death. The people of Venezuela are protesting government censorship. It has been a long fight. Marking ten years since Hugo Chavez shut down RCTV, a popular news network in Venezuela, the people are out protesting the violation of speaking one’s mind and having unpopular opinions. The network was shut down because Chavez could not take the criticism given to him or his government. Many


Why I Risk My Life Protesting and Fighting for a Better Venezuela Every Day

We started running as hard as we could, some people were tripping and falling on the ground and others were helping. Photographers and news anchors had already fled the scene. We heard the bikes getting closer and the teargas was leaving us breathless. I was alone, surrounded by other unknown teenagers and we didn’t have any place to hide, all the buildings were closed. Until we found one, but the lady was scared and didn’t


Venezuela Protests: a Glimpse into the Real Life Conflict

A look into what Venezuela is currently experiencing – from the eyes of a citizen, Gerardo Suarez. Briefly describe what is going on in Venezuela right now. Right now, Venezuela is suffering the consequences of 17 years of bad management, corruption, and fraudulent elections, that have led the country to the state it is in now: destroyed economy, separation of the people, starvation, extreme poverty, and the biggest emigration rate that the country has ever


Donald Trump is the American Hugo Chávez

For a Venezuelan, I’ve traveled the world a lot and I am grateful for it; Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. All these different perspectives and if they even know what Venezuela is, you can be sure that the first word that comes to their mind is ”Chávez”. If you must know, Chávez is the previous president who took the power on 1999, legalized re-elections and left in 2013, when he died of cancer.


It’s Time We Talked About Venezuela’s Crisis

Healthcare is a controversial topic for most countries, though many countries do have access to food and daily necessities.  Yet, not for the many citizens of Venezuela. Venezuela has been going through a economic and political crisis where people are losing so much weight from the lack of food and they have to head to other countries to buy basic necessities to live. And for many, this is the first time they are hearing about

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