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It’s Songkran: A Look Inside The Festival Of Victim Blaming In Thailand

Each year Thailand prepares itself for what has been regarded as one of the most dangerous public celebrations – Songkran. Marking the beginning of the Buddhist new year, Songkran begins on April 13 this year and spans the course of three days. The celebration, however also brings to light the deeply rooted misogyny that pervades the nation. In the days leading up to the riotous festival, every year women find themselves being warned to dress conservatively in order to


Sexual Harassment in UK Parliament Proves What Women Have Been Saying All Along

Over the past week or so there have been numerous allegations of sexual harassment and even rape made against male MPs from both the Labour and Conservative party. Interestingly, these have come soon after the many allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood big shot, signifying a rare moment in history where women are less fearful of coming forward to shame their abusers. Allegations range from inappropriate comments and touching of female co-workers to


Thousands of Rape Kits Continue To Go Untested

Approximately 321,500 people are victims of sexual assault in the U.S. each year, and those who are victims of assault often opt to be tested for DNA evidence, which can be used to identify and incarcerate rapists. These DNA tests are often stored in what are referred to as “rape kits” (also known as Sexual Assault Evidence Kits), which include things like DNA swabs, blood samples, combs, and more. These kits are vital to proving


Why Don’t We Talk About Sexual Coercion?

Dating abuse and sexual violence manifest themselves in countless ways, and there are often gray areas surrounding what constitutes abuse, rape, or sexual assault. The baseline for all kinds of sexual abuse is a lack of consent — voluntary, sober, enthusiastic, non-coerced, continual, active, honest, usually verbal consent. For right now, I want to focus on one specific part of that definition: “non-coerced.” Sexual coercion is a form of dating abuse characterized by forcing a partner

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